Alaskan Christmas Present

I glad to be back home in Meerkovo. Being tourist is very tiring, I never walk so long with so much on my back since car break down and Mr. Aleksandr wanted to go drive-in movie.

I buy him Christmas present from Alaska. I say to myself “What do you give Meerkat who has everything?” So I buy him magnet that say Alaska on it.

I go to bed now even though is only 4pm because I have jetlags.


About Sergei, Head of IT

Sergei is very old. It is difficult to date him exactly, but I estimate him no less than 77. His career span many decades, but has now reach new height with working for What Sergei lack in social skill, he make up in understanding of the Computermabob. As well as being Head of IT, Sergei is also Head of My Tea. I like it milky.