Social life when you are live with boss

In last blog I talk about raising family. Now, we are talk about social life when you are live with boss.

Being best friend with boss can have its perks, like living in big mansion and.. Um… I’m sure there’s others! But when it come to social life, there is not much more I do other than spend time with Mr. Aleksandr. I have some nice 30 second long conversation with postman. But then I have to carry delivery to its spot, which is not always pleasant. Mr. Aleksandr have habit of order grand piano and indoor fountains very often.

I do sometimes get attention from ladies when we take Oleg in park for walks: I always carry baby Oleg and they all want to give him a cuddle! But have girlfriend? No time for that, Mr. Aleksandr is too high maintenance. I couldn’t please both! Check back next week for more bloggins.

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About Sergei, Head of IT

Sergei is very old. It is difficult to date him exactly, but I estimate him no less than 77. His career span many decades, but has now reach new height with working for What Sergei lack in social skill, he make up in understanding of the Computermabob. As well as being Head of IT, Sergei is also Head of My Tea. I like it milky.