A Day at the Beach

With Mr Aleksandr and myself being so busy recently we have not been able to spend so much time with little Oleg. To make it up to him we decide to take him day of fun at the beach. It very hot day and hair conditioner in car not work so it not very nice journey but when we arrives the view make it all worthwhile. I could feel the sea air blow through my fur and the sand between my toes. It was the first time Oleg had seen the beach, but he soon fall in love with it, he make sand palaces and dig holes.

I had brought BBQ for us all complete with Roach Rolls, Beatle baguettes and shrimp, it was so nice but Mr Aleksandr say that he could have done better. He send me off to go get lice cream for us all.

The walk for ice cream was very long and very hot, when I get back I find Mr Aleksandr topping up his tan. I asked him where Oleg was and he said that he thought I had him, I looked around and couldn’t see Oleg anywhere…

Meerkats at beach

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