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Car Insurance

Seek out a car insurance policy that covers repair costs (for your vehicle and others), property damage, and more.


Home & Contents

Australians should ensure their home & belongings can be replaced or repaired, in case of theft or destruction.


Health Insurance

Use our comparison service to find health insurance that may help pay for treatment costs as a private patient, etc.


Electricity & Gas

With multiple types of contracts, tariffs, and discounts available, we may be able to help you switch.


Travel Insurance

It is invaluable protection, and we help you find the right product – no matter where you’re travelling.


Life Insurance

Life insurance pays out a sum of money to your family if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness or pass away.


Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is more than just breakdown cover; it could really be a lifesaver if you’re ever left stranded away from home.


Credit Cards

Compare credit cards that help you purchase everything you need plus offer terrific extras like frequent flyer points, balance transfers, and more.


Home Loans

Make your housing dream a reality by comparing fixed & variable rate home loans with great features and affordable interest rates.


Business Insurance

Compare a broad range of business insurance products that protect your interests.


Pet Insurance

We help Aussie pet owners find insurance that covers particularly expensive vet bills – for both cats & dogs.



Our fuel comparison service helps you figure out where the best prices are in your area for unleaded (95/98), diesel, e10, and LPG pumps.



We’ll show you what’s available at your destination, the price you’ll pay, plus any other enticing features that’ll get you packing!


International Money Transfers

To send money overseas, you can use an international money transfer; an online provider who will send funds from your account to another.

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