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Last updated March 7, 2024

Why compare gas plans and prices

By comparing gas plans and prices, you can search for a better deal and potentially save on your energy bills. If you’re looking to compare, consider:

  • Gas appliances can be more cost-effective than their electric counterparts, especially when it comes to heating the home.
  • Without comparing, you could be missing out on potential savings by switching to a cheaper plan.
  • Gas providers may offer incentives for new customers, such as a discount period or sign up credit.

Choosing a gas plan

Gas prices can vary between distributors, providers and plans. When deciding on the right gas plan to suit your needs, consider:

  • The rates, benefits and conditions of a new plan and compare them to your current one.
  • Whether you want a dual fuel plan or separate gas and electricity plans.
  • A plan’s exit fees, block rates, discounts and daily supply charge.
  • If you aren’t currently connected to the gas pipeline, getting a connection can be expensive and isn’t always possible.
  • The cost of your gas usage will depend on your plan, your usage habits and your distributor.

Expert tips for choosing the right gas plan for you

To help you choose the right energy plan, our Head of Energy, Meredith O’Brien, has insider knowledge for you.

Meredith O'Brien
Head of Energy

You can choose different providers

You don’t need to use the same energy provider (also known as energy retailer) for your gas and electricity. In fact, you may be able to find cheaper options by purchasing plans with different providers.

Keep your bills handy

Remember to add your recent bill details such as your postcode and as your billing period and usage when you’re comparing estimated costs. This will give you a better idea of what you would have paid, on the estimated rates based on the bill.

Compare when moving houses

If you’re moving, you can’t take your existing gas plan with you and gas may not be available at your new property. If possible, always compare and see which gas (and electricity) plans are best for your new property.

About comparing gas plans

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Meet our Head of Energy, Meredith O’Brien

Meredith O'Brien
Head of Energy

As the Head of Energy at Compare the Market, Meredith O’Brien believes in educating Australian customers about the everchanging gas and electricity market so they can adjust their energy usage habits and get the most out of their energy plans.

Meredith has six years within the energy industry, following 15 years of experience in financial services and is currently studying a Master of Business Administration. Meredith is a dedicated customer advocate who is passionate about empowering Australians to find the right products to suit their needs by removing the confusion from comparing.