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Health insurance

Should I consider health insurance?

If you’re not sure about private health insurance, our quick quiz will help you figure out whether it’s right for you.
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Top health insurance FAQs

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Lifetime Health Cover Loading calculator

LHC loading could apply to anyone over 31 who isn’t covered by private hospital cover.

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Medicare Levy Surcharge calculator

This surcharge affects high-income earners ($93,000 per annum for singles, $186,000 for couples/families) who don’t hold private hospital cover.

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Car insurance

Does your home influence your car insurance premium?

In small ways, yes. While your state doesn’t have a massive effect on insurance, your postcode does.

Top car insurance FAQs

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How is car insurance calculated?

Car insurance varies from vehicle to vehicle, driver to driver, and postcode to postcode. However, you may not be aware of how your insurer has used these factors to develop your premiums.

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Life insurance

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How much life insurance do you need?

Life insurance can be an enormous safety net for your family’s future finances when the unexpected occurs. That said, it’s difficult to know how much they’ll need when you’re gone. We can help!

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Top life insurance FAQs

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Income protection or life insurance?

One product pays out a lump sum of cash to your family upon your death, while the other pays you a regular cash benefit if you’re unable to work due to severe illness or injury. Do you need one or the other…or both?

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Life insurance for seniors

Kids may leave the nest and our partners may get older, but you never stop looking out for their future. So, how can you best plan for that future with life insurance – a product significantly affected by age?

Seniors life insurance

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Home & contents insurance

Home insurance

Covers your structure for unexpected fires, extreme weather events, and more.

Contents insurance

Insures your belongings in case of theft, natural disaster damage, and more.

Landlord insurance

Covers your liability if renters cause damage, if you’re burgled, and more.

Top home insurance FAQs

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What affects home insurance premiums?

Home insurance premiums add up over the years, so it’s important you understand how they’re calculated, to ensure you’re only paying for what you need.
Effects on home & contents premiums

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Hands holding lightbulb

“I can’t understand my electricity bill!”

It’s not as simple as it should be, is it? While we all understand ‘here’s what you owe’, many of us are confused about how energy retailers calculate the final price.

How to read your energy bill

Top electricity & gas FAQs

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Keeping utilities connected when moving

Whether you’re moving down the road or interstate; it’s simple enough to make sure you’re never without power when the last moving box is unpacked.
Connecting utilities

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