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Why NSW customers should compare electricity plans

  • Compare market contracts against standard ones. Market contracts are set between you and the retailers, which may include discounts and bonuses unavailable to other customers.
  • Double check your tariff. If you install a smart meter, you can opt for a time of use. This charges a cheaper rate if you use power when it’s in low demand.
  • See if there are any discounts offered by your retailer. It may seem trivial to decide your energy provider based on discounts, but this can mean big savings in the long term.

The best way to double-check all this and find something better is to try our electricity comparison service or find out more information on why you should switch

Learn about NSW electricity

Connecting the power when moving

You need to disconnect utilities at your old place before moving into your new home. Learn how you can avoid paying bills at both houses.Learn more »

Deregulation in NSW

The NSW electricity industry has been deregulated since 2014. That’s why energy retailers set their own prices, and you have more products to choose between.Learn more »

State energy concessions

Different households can apply for rebates to help pay for power bills, depending on their circumstances. We go into detail about these concessions.Learn more »

How to track energy usage?

A smart meter tracks your energy usage every hour. We explain how these devices work and how they can help reduce your electricity bill.Learn more »

Renewable energy options

If you want to commit to a sustainable energy plan, be mindful that future savings may come at the expense of upfront costs. Here are the pros & cons.Meet the brands »

The benefits of solar batteries

You won’t just save money and reduce your emissions by using solar batteries. We explain how this technology works ‘rain or shine’.Read our guide »

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