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How to find the best electricity plan for your household

If you’re looking for a solution for your expensive electricity bills, we’re here to help. First of all, you need to understand more about your energy bill.

  • Type of contract. If you’re on a market offer contract, you will be charged less on each bill, but these lower rates may change at the end of a contract period (e.g. 12 months).
  • Tariffs. Providers charge different rates (i.e. tariffs) for the usage of electricity, sometimes depending on when you use energy. This gives you an opportunity to save if your plan charges less during off-peak periods (i.e. when the energy grid isn’t busy).
  • Discounts. ‘Pay on time’ discounts are common across many different energy providers, but they’re not the only incentive for new customers. Some power plans also offer further discounts on electricity usage charges.

So, are you taking advantage of all of the above? If not, switching electricity providers can be a straightforward process, and potentially lower your bill by hundreds of dollars each year. We can help you shop for a cheaper electricity plan, or a dual fuel plan if you also require gas. Compare energy providers.

What happens when I switch electricity plans?

When you switch energy providers, your existing account will be transferred from one electricity supplier to another without any disruption to your service. No physical changes are made to your service (such as cabling or meters), meaning the quality and reliability of your service remains the same.

Remember: while your actual electricity supply is the same regardless of your provider, most will have different pricing, levels of service and terms of use. Why switch electricity plans?

How to save electricity

There are countless ways to save electricity. You can check the efficiency of your insulation, reduce the age of your appliances, cut back on power-hungry products (or switch to gas-powered or more efficient models), and audit the standby power needs of your electronics and white goods. Saving electricity.

Understanding deregulation

Anyone living in New South Wales, Victoria, South East Queensland, parts of South Australia, or the Australian Capital Territory can take advantage of multiple retail suppliers due to energy market deregulation in their state or territory. They could (potentially) save hundreds of dollars by switching. Electricity industry regulation.

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