Switching Power Suppliers

There’s no getting away from the fact that paying for energy bills is one of life’s necessary realities. And still, many people continue to pay more for their power bills than they sometimes need to year after year.

Since Australia introduced full retail competition across many state electricity markets, many households across the country are now able to enjoy greater choice in who they use as their preferred energy provider. While there are some states who still offer limited choice in terms of electricity providers, those living in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, or the ACT are able to take advantage of multiple retail suppliers, thereby potentially saving hundreds of dollars each year in power charges.

Compare Electricity Suppliers And Save

With the amount of choice many Australian residents now have at their fingertips, switching electricity providers can be a straight-forward process, potentially lowering your outgoing expenditure by hundreds over the course of a year.

At comparethemarket.com.au, we’re here to help you save money and take advantage of the competition that now exists in the electricity market by letting you to compare energy providers from participating states.

What Happens When I Switch?

When you switch power companies, your existing account will be transferred from one electricity supplier to another without any disruption to your service. No physical changes are made to your service such as cabling or meters, meaning the quality and reliability of your service will remain intact. The only thing that changes is who now sends you your bill and operates your account.

Remember that while your actual electricity supply is the same no matter which provider you use, most suppliers will have different pricing, levels of service and terms. So it pays to shop around and compare from a range of providers online to get the best deal for your needs.

If you think it’s time you revisited your electricity bills and compared the available competition in your state, let comparethemarket.com.au help you find what you’re after.