Providing Power To South Australian Households

There are currently eight electricity providers in South Australia, powering around 700,000 residents, and home to only one electricity network provider – SA Power Networks (formerly ETSA Utilities).

In 2002, the state introduced full retail competition to the electricity market, allowing more retailers to compete in the space, thereby giving consumers a choice of who they purchased their power through.

Paying For Your Electricity In SA

Where you live generally dictates what price you pay for your electricity, and typically those living closer to metropolitan areas pay less than regional or rural areas. Why? It’s cheaper for retailers to supply power to more densely populated areas. However, in SA all residents pay the same tariffs at a particular retailer irrespective of where they live.

Location aside, your electricity rate is made up of two principle factors: a fixed amount per day, plus a ‘per kilowatt hour’ charge for each hour of electricity you use (cents per kWh).

It follows, then, that those with a single-rate meter may end up paying more for their electricity than those with a time-of-use meter (known as smart meters). This is because single rate meters don’t take time of day into account, and therefore you pay the same amount around the clock, whereas those using smart meters pay different rates according to whether they’re using power in peak or off-peak times.

Stretching Your Dollars Further

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