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How to find the cheapest South Australian electricity plan

  • Tariffs determine how you’ll be charged for energy usage, calculated as a combination of fixed and variable charges. Variable charges (i.e. consumption charges) can be affected by the time of day that you use energy, which you should take advantage of to save money.
  • Feed-in tariffs offer customers money off their bill if they use renewable energy generators (e.g. solar panels) to feed excess energy into the power grid. As of 2017, they’re only available through certain retailers but are a smart option for certain households.
  • Contracts come in two ‘flavours’. Standard contracts have set terms that cannot be changed by your retailer, while the terms in a market contract vary from plan to plan. The latter type often cost less, but may lock you into your contract for a set period.

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Deregulation in South Australia

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SA concessions & rebates

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