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Eliza Buglar

Because she likes reading, as well as watching endless amounts of films, Eliza majored in Creative Writing and Film and Television at QUT. She also likes music, but didn’t study that. When she’s not using her writing major at Compare the Market, you can catch her utilising that film major at every Marvel and Star Wars film that comes into cinema.

Stories by Eliza Buglar

29 Mar 2021 15:25

The carbon footprint of phone charging might be bigger than you think

Written by Eliza Buglar

Ever wondered how much electricity you use for phone charging, or how much greenhouse gas it produces? We investigate the carbon footprint of phone charging.

4 Feb 2021 08:37

The world’s most searched pets

Written by Eliza Buglar

What pets are people around the world Googling the most? Does it come down to dogs versus cats, or are other types of pets also vying for the top spot?

19 Jan 2021 10:00

The popularity of fitness trends around the world

Written by Eliza Buglar

A look through the online search volumes and trends data for fitness classes to see how the popularity of fitness trends have changed throughout the years.

30 Oct 2020 14:34

Touring the world from your couch: How popular is VR travel in 2020?

Written by Eliza Buglar

With worldwide lockdowns bringing travel to a standstill, 2020 hasn’t gone easy on global tourism. But what has lockdown done to tourism through virtual reality?

woman calculating her bills

16 Sep 2020 11:03

One in ten people have deferred mortgage repayments, according to 2020 survey

Written by Eliza Buglar

The latest Financial Conscious Index from Compare the Market shows one in ten mortgage holders have deferred their payments. Find out what else FCI revealed.

group of smiling women

11 Sep 2020 12:58

Women’s Health Week 2020: A chance to highlight women’s health issues

Written by Eliza Buglar

Women's Health Week in 2020 will look a little different to previous years, but is still determined to help women improve their health and wellbeing.

Woman wheels a suitcase towards a waiting cruise ship

22 Jul 2020 16:08

Cruise bookings still in demand as overseas travel to and from Australia falls

Written by Eliza Buglar

Carnival Corporation announces that cruise bookings for 2021 are still in demand as the ABS reveals that overseas travel to and from Australia has fallen.

14 Jul 2020 11:08

A quiet night in: Home entertainment trends

Written by Eliza Buglar

Learn about how home entertainment has changed over the years. From video stores in the 1970's to the straight to digital movie releases of today.

12 Jun 2020 13:35

Old wives tales: fact or fiction?

Written by Eliza Buglar

They're the tales we grew up hearing, but just how much truth to them is there? Compare the Market looked at five common old wives tales to find out.

Health insurance application forms

3 Apr 2020 10:22

Private health insurers move to cover COVID-19 and pause changes to premium

Written by Eliza Buglar

Private health funds are now including COVID-19 in hospital cover and holding off on the annual rate rise. Learn more about how these changes affect your cover.

Passport, travel insurance certificate, credit card, phone and keys scattered on a desk

8 Nov 2019 11:28

Australians still travelling without insurance because of medical conditions

Written by Eliza Buglar

People with medical conditions are still travelling without insurance. Find out how Compare the Market can help you find travel insurance for pre-existing conditions.

A collection of household appliances against a pink wall

1 Oct 2019 16:00

Can energy-efficient appliances make a difference to your bill?

Written by Eliza Buglar

Most Australians consider the Energy Rating Labels important when choosing energy-efficient appliances, but do these appliances affect your energy bills?

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