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13 Oct 2021 14:05

How will climate change affect the property market?

Written by William Jolly

With all the focus on climate change and the now locked-in effects, we’re set to see, the Australian property market is unlikely to escape unscathed.

Green loan

13 Oct 2021 12:02

What are green loans, and should you get one?

Written by William Jolly

A green home loan can reward borrowers for either buying, building or renovating a ‘sustainable’ property

12 Oct 2021 16:54

Changes in household wealth during COVID-19

Written by Eliza Buglar

Compare the Market takes a look at how household net wealth has changed over the last five years, with a particular focus on 2019 and 2020.

11 Oct 2021 15:29

Big spenders: The spending habits of Australia and America compared

Written by Compare the Market

Do you wonder if your spending habits are normal? Discover how much Americans and Australians save and spend each month, and how long their paycheck lasts.

10% first home buyers

8 Oct 2021 15:02

Government guarantees supporting 10% of all first home buyers

Written by William Jolly

One in 10 first home buyers used just two of the available government support programs, new data shows.


6 Oct 2021 14:31

National accounts pre-covid and post-covid

Written by William Jolly

We’ve analysed OECD national accounts data across both 2019 and 2020 to see how COVID-19 affected the world’s biggest economies.

APRA changes

6 Oct 2021 13:30

APRA might have made it harder to get a new home loan

Written by William Jolly

Australia’s prudential regulator has tightened lending rules for Australian home buyers, potentially making it harder to get a home loan from now on.

RBA house prices

5 Oct 2021 13:35

RBA holds the cash rate again, but will it help cool house prices?

Written by William Jolly

The Reserve Bank has again left Australia’s cash rate on hold at a historic low of 0.10%, amid growing calls for action on property prices.

bill shock woman financially stressed

1 Oct 2021 13:57

What financial challenges are Aussies facing in 2021?

Written by Compare the Market

We look at what Australians are finding challenging regarding their finances and include tips on ways to save

29 Sep 2021 14:05

COVID-19’s clampdown on international money transfers

Written by James McCay

We reach out to the experts to see how COVID and 2020 impacted international money transfers and foreign exchange, and ask 'when will things return to normal?'