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15 Aug 2019 11:40

Buying a house at auction: Our top tips and strategies for successful bidding

Buying a house at auction can be a complicated and stressful experience, so here are our top tips and strategies to help you on your way.

4 Feb 2019 16:49

Is now the time to buy or sell property in Australia?

Australia's property market has suffered the biggest drop in 10 years. Find out how this affects housing prices and what homeowners can do about it.

26 Nov 2018 15:46

Cash rate confusion: Home owners outstrip renters in financial test yet two thirds have never stress tested their home loan

A new national study measuring ‘financial consciousness’ found Aussie homeowners scored above the national average with 56 out of 100, versus renters who failed with a score of 44

29 Aug 2018 14:56

Non-major banks and Victoria reach milestone mortgage volumes in latest report

The latest figures from one of the mortgage industry’s largest reports has revealed that two mortgage milestones have been reached in the June quarter.

17 May 2018 08:34

Everything you need to know before getting a home loan

How can you better manage your finances before applying for a home loan? We’ll show you! Find out what factors may affect you, how large a deposit you might need, our exclusive saving tips, and more important information. Read more.

30 Apr 2018 16:28

First Home Buyer grants not generous enough to stimulate real growth

New data from AFG shows that the portion of mortgages lodged by First Home Buyers has flatlined over the last three quarters, indicating that the benefits of the revised First Home Owner Grants have plateaued, failing to stimulate the market as much as hoped.

22 Jan 2018 14:53

Latest mortgage figures reveal national household debt deepens

Last quarter, the average Australian mortgage loan size grew, for the first time ever, past half a million dollars, according to new data from AFG.

18 Oct 2017 14:38

Victoria leads the property market as NSW lags behind

Throwing off worries about high household debt, new data reveals Victoria as the state with the highest growth in property settlements since last quarter.

13 Oct 2016 16:12

New data reveals investors brush off stricter lending rules, embrace low interest rates

Despite tighter lending rules, new data reveals that borrowing by real estate investors declined by only two per cent last quarter.

17 Mar 2016 05:36

I’m buying a tenanted property – help!

Found your dream property, only to realise it’s already tenanted? Here’s what you need to know about buying a property with tenants.

14 Mar 2016 05:51

Granny flats: A sensible investment for your family?

Many Aussies are finding their new home in someone else’s backyard with the help of a granny flat. Is a add a granny flat an option for you?

19 Feb 2016 05:06

Are you mortgage stressed?

8 out of 10 Aussies don’t know their home loan rate, and over 30% suffer mortgage repayment stress. We look why home loans tend to make us sweat.