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James McCay

James is a devoted husband, father, animal lover and history buff. He studied Creative and Professional Writing at QUT, and is often buried in a book. While he writes on a variety of topics, a personal favourite is cars and all things motoring. James hopes to make a positive difference for readers through his writing.

Stories by James McCay

23 Jul 2021 15:06

Over 70% of car owners won’t let younger people drive their car

Written by James McCay

Over 70% of drivers won't let someone younger get behind the wheel. Discover which age group is the most restricted, and how this affects the cost of insurance.

a number of electric SUV’s parked in a saleyard at sunset

21 Jul 2021 16:28

What Europe’s accelerated fossil fuel ban means for Aussies

Written by James McCay

The EU has recently announced new legislation that would ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035. What does this mean for Australian motorists?

a 4WD driving in the red sandy desert of Australia’s Outback

20 Jul 2021 09:23

The most popular 4WD models in Australia

Written by James McCay

Four-wheel drives (4WDs) are super popular in Australia. Discover the most popular 4WD models in Australia based on Compare the Market’s recent data and learn more about car insurance for off-roading.

19 Jul 2021 11:51

Road safety inventions by the numbers

Written by James McCay

Could you imagine driving without stop signs, traffic lights or lane markings? At some point, many Australians did. Join us as we drive into road safety inventions over the last century.

19 Jul 2021 10:50

The most common cars for ridesharing revealed

Written by James McCay

How popular is rideshare driving with Australians? What are the top 10 car models used by rideshare drivers? Find out as we explore the data from Compare the Market.

16 Jul 2021 16:22

Electric cars remain ‘unaffordable’ for the average Australian despite government incentives

Written by James McCay

Despite incentives, electric vehicles remain an expensive and unpopular choice for most Aussies. We take a look at the data around the value of electric cars.

7 Jul 2021 14:15

Which car brands do men and women prefer?

Written by James McCay

We all know men and women are different, but what about our taste in cars? We pour through Compare the Market data to see which car brands men and women prefer.

a woman with a cup of coffee on her work commute

6 Jul 2021 16:30

South-East Queensland motorists urged to find the cheapest way from A to B

Written by James McCay

A quick detour along the work commute could save South-East Queensland motorists hundreds of dollars a year on fuel, according to new analysis from Compare the Market. Read on to find which residents could save the most.

a car driving down Great Ocean Road at sunset

5 Jul 2021 13:24

Which car models do Australians drive the furthest?

Written by James McCay

Using data insights from our customers, we take a look at which car models are clocking up the miles by driving more than 100,000kms per year.

A visual evolution of world maps

29 Jun 2021 15:50

A visual evolution of world maps

Written by James McCay

Join us as we explore the world through historical maps, and trace how humanity drew its way across the Earth.

29 Jun 2021 14:37

5 Smart road technologies of the future

Written by James McCay

Technological advances are revolutionizing our world. We take a look at six smart road technologies that could be be a game changer for commuters everywhere.

8 Jun 2021 11:02

Global kitchen renovations: Who’s got the biggest appetite?

Written by James McCay

Renovating a kitchen can really make a huge difference to a home. We explore the average costs of kitchen renovations around the world.

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