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James McCay

James is a devoted husband, father, animal lover and history buff (particularly medieval history). He studied Creative and Professional Writing at QUT, and is often buried in a book. James also enjoys historical re-enactment, spending time with his dogs, and making furniture out of reclaimed wood. He hopes to make a positive difference for readers through his writing.

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29 Sep 2020 10:41

How to clean cigarette residue in your new home

Say you’re looking to buy a new home. Maybe it’s your first home, or perhaps you’re ready to downsize. After much house hunting, you find one that seems to tick all the boxes. There’s just one problem:The previous resident smoked,...

28 Sep 2020 16:37

Private elective surgeries back on track but public waiting list times set to grow

Aussies may face even longer waiting list times for elective surgery across most state public hospitals. These waiting lists had already ballooned, following March-April’s temporary, nation-wide pause on non-urgent elective surgeries to help combat COVID-19.[1]CEO of Private Healthcare Australia, Dr...

25 Sep 2020 10:14

Car charging stations of the future

The next 10-20 years are set to be a revolution for electric cars – but how will we charge these vehicles in the future? In this article we explore 5 options.

21 Sep 2020 16:16

What medical aids can you claim on your health insurance?

Medical aids and devices like hearing aids can help improve your quality of life, but which ones can be covered by health insurance? Read on to learn more.

9 Sep 2020 13:25

A pink recession: COVID-19’s impact on women’s finances

Average scores for women are lower than men’s on the Financial Consciousness Index. With women already facing a pink recession, COVID-19 is making things worse.

11 Aug 2020 11:00

How to find out if you have unclaimed money

Do you have unclaimed money with your name on it? Learn how you can find out if you have unclaimed money and how you can get it back.

3 Aug 2020 15:28

COVID-19 electricity demand in Australia falls, but slower than global average

Australia's National Energy Market (NEM) sees energy demand drop by 2%, while the global average decreases by 6%. Read more about the decreasing energy demand.

30 Jul 2020 11:38

Should your pets sleep in your bed? The pros and cons

One in five Aussies share their bed with their pets, but should pets sleep in your bed? We compare the pros and cons of letting your pet on the bed.

15 Jul 2020 11:23

Regional house prices lure Aussies from the big city

Affordable regional house prices are luring Aussies from the big cities, as more Australian move from the capitals to regions. Read on to find out which regional towns Aussies are moving to, plus more.

8 Jul 2020 10:11

Homeowners cautioned about ‘underinsurance’ when considering the HomeBuilder grant

On 4 June 2020, the Prime Minister announced a new grant of $25,000 to encourage Australians to build or renovate homes.[1]However, our experts are encouraging anyone planning to take advantage of the new grant to consider the impact renovations will...

26 Jun 2020 11:45

How 1 July could affect your budget

Each new financial year brings changes that could affect your finances. Learn how the 2020-2021 Financial Year could affect your personal household budget.

16 Jun 2020 14:26

The evolution of sports cars over a century

How have sports cars transformed over the last 100 years? Watch our video showing the evolution of sports cars over a century.

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