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James McCay

James is a devoted husband, father, animal lover and history buff. He studied Creative and Professional Writing at QUT, and is often buried in a book. While he writes on a variety of topics, a personal favourite is cars and all things motoring. James hopes to make a positive difference for readers through his writing.

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Stories by James McCay

25 Mar 2022 09:09

Screen time costing parents $100+ per child each year

Written by James McCay

Screen time is a hot topic for parents, but how much is their kids' screen time actually costing them? We take a look at the research and crunch the numbers.

Young driver receiving keys to their first car

1 Mar 2022 15:26

Australia’s most popular ‘first car’ revealed

Written by James McCay

Buying your first car is a coming-of-age milestone. Pinning up the p-plates, filling the glove box with CDs and cassettes and rolling down windows to belt out your favourite song.Classics like the Corolla, the Commodore and Lancer may spring to...

a close up of a blind spot monitor indicator on a car wing mirror

27 Jan 2022 10:13

New tricks to keep drivers in old cars safe

Written by James McCay

Older cars are over-represented in road fatalities, while also being driven largely by young adults. We take a look at the best safety tech to improve old cars.

18 Jan 2022 10:33

DIY car repairs

Written by James McCay

We investigate how much car repairs cost, how much you can save if you do it yourself, and whether or not it's even feasible to carry out car repairs on your own.

17 Jan 2022 16:06

Safest cars of 2021: Did your car rank #1?

Written by James McCay

Safe cars could be cheaper to insure. We review the safest cars of 2021, according to ANCAP safety testing. Compare car insurance today with Compare the Market.

15 Dec 2021 10:24

2021’s cheapest car to insure revealed

Written by James McCay

As 2022 gets into gear, we take a look back at some of the new cars of 2021 to find out which one is the cheapest new car to insure.

12 Dec 2021 14:56

Australia’s car crash calendar

Written by James McCay

Most road deaths occur at certain times of the year. Discover when most fatalities occur, what's causing it, and join us for a deep dive into the data.

10 Dec 2021 10:16

15 river cities that could become uninhabitable

Written by James McCay

Climate change, if left unchecked, could leave river cities at risk of going under. Join us as we explore the risk to some world-famous river cities.

29 Nov 2021 07:28

Queensland’s next smoke alarm deadline is fast approaching – here’s what the changes mean for you

Written by James McCay

The deadline for Queensland landlords to upgrade their smoke alarms is almost here. Learn more about the requirements and the deadline for owner occupiers.

22 Nov 2021 08:26

Increase in number of Australians with health insurance during COVID-19

Written by James McCay, reviewed by Anthony Fleming

There was an increase in the number of people with private health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new data from the ABS.

a concept image showing a car with AEB systems

15 Nov 2021 10:58

Autonomous Emergency Braking now mandatory in new vehicles from 2023

Written by James McCay

From 2023, new car models for sale in Australia must come fitted with Autonomous Emergency Braking systems. We discuss the potential impact to car insurance.

a man sitting in his office looking at expensive car bills on his computer

10 Nov 2021 15:51

The car expenses that keep surprising us

Written by James McCay

Car bills like registration fees, insurance premiums and car repairs are some of the most stressful, despite often being forgotten, according to a new survey. Read on to learn more.

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