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young couple with energy efficient appliances

19 Feb 2021 08:21

Are energy-efficient appliances worth it?

Written by Matthew Keogh

Do you want to save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint? Read on to find out if energy-efficient appliance worth it.

pool tips

18 Dec 2020 15:31

3 pool maintenance tips: save money and swim easy this summer

Written by Matthew Keogh

Get your pool summer ready with our three pool maintenance tips. Spend less money, time and effort on your pool - and more time swimming - this summer. Find out more.

an apartment building on an embedded network

14 Dec 2020 11:30

Embedded networks: What are they and how do they affect you?

Written by James McCay

Residents in apartment blocks, units, retirement villages may be on an embedded network. Learn more about an embedded network and how it could impact you.

an air conditioner with remote

10 Dec 2020 16:08

Heating and cooling: What’s the best temperature for air conditioning?

Written by Matthew Keogh

The air conditioner temperature can affect your comfortability, mood and your energy bill. We’ll tell you the best temperature for air conditioning.

family watching tv they received on the environment appliance offer

10 Nov 2020 10:10

Upgrade old fridges or TVs for less with this environment appliance offer for NSW residents

Written by Phillip Portman

Eligible NSW residents can upgrade old fridges or TVs for less with the environment appliance offer. Find out more about the offer and how to apply.

how to avoid underinsurance

14 Oct 2020 08:01

Is your home at risk of underinsurance? Here’s how to fix it

Written by Matthew Keogh

Underinsurance could leave you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket if something goes wrong and you need to file a claim. Read all about avoiding it here.

Australian football team fans loudly cheering.

7 Oct 2020 09:57

NRL and AFL ticket prices: The cost of supporting your favourite team

Written by Matthew Keogh

If you have footy fever, then it can hurt your wallet. Here, we outlay the annual costs, including NRL and AFL ticket prices.

flat-faced dogs. Baby pug litter

1 Oct 2020 07:22

Cruel or kind? Owners of flat-faced dogs with health problems would still recommend breed

Written by Phillip Portman

A new study shows many owners of flat-faced dogs would still recommend the breeds despite serious health problems. Read on for more information.

a family home paper cut out damaged by cigarette and residue

29 Sep 2020 10:41

How to clean cigarette residue in your new home

Written by James McCay

Say you’re looking to buy a new home. Maybe it’s your first home, or perhaps you’re ready to downsize. After much house hunting, you find one that seems to tick all the boxes. There’s just one problem:The previous resident smoked,...

Trending quarantine activities: Couple cutting eachother's hair at home

26 Aug 2020 10:43

Trending quarantine activities: What are Aussies up to at home?

Written by Heonji Kim

While certain searches have seen big spikes mid-2020, there are plenty of other quarantine activities that have caught the attention of Aussies this year.

Mother helping her daughter wash her hands with bar soap in the sink

5 Aug 2020 14:07

How much are we spending on body cleansing products?

Written by Heonji Kim

Whether it’s body wash or simple bar soap, we all have a favourite type of soap for our daily hygiene rituals. But are we getting the best value for our money?

young girl sleeping next to a Jack Russel in bed.

30 Jul 2020 11:38

Should your pets sleep in your bed? The pros and cons

Written by James McCay

One in five Aussies share their bed with their pets, but should pets sleep in your bed? We compare the pros and cons of letting your pet on the bed.