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an air conditioner with remote

10 Dec 2020 16:08

Heating and cooling: What’s the best temperature for air conditioning?

Written by Matthew Keogh

The air conditioner temperature can affect your comfortability, mood and your energy bill. We’ll tell you the best temperature for air conditioning.

Mother helping her daughter wash her hands with bar soap in the sink

5 Aug 2020 14:07

How much are we spending on body cleansing products?

Written by Heonji Kim

Whether it’s body wash or simple bar soap, we all have a favourite type of soap for our daily hygiene rituals. But are we getting the best value for our money?

A collection of household appliances against a pink wall

1 Oct 2019 16:00

Can energy-efficient appliances make a difference to your bill?

Written by Eliza Buglar

Most Australians consider the Energy Rating Labels important when choosing energy-efficient appliances, but do these appliances affect your energy bills?

Couple holding keys to new home

15 Aug 2019 11:40

Buying a house at auction: Our top tips and strategies for successful bidding

Written by Eliza Buglar

Buying a house at auction can be a complicated and stressful experience, so here are our top tips and strategies to help you on your way.

20 May 2019 09:14

9 in 10 Aussies more likely to buy Aussie goods

Written by Megan Birot

In a time where over three-quarters of the goods in our shopping trolleys are made overseas, Aussies are increasingly looking to buy Australian-made products. So, what are the benefits home-grown?

man using a mobile phone sitting against the couch

9 Apr 2019 11:35

To buy a mobile phone outright or on a plan?

Written by Megan Birot

We all enjoy the feeling of buying a new phone. But don't let your excitement get in the way of savings. So, is it better to buy a phone outright or on a plan? Find out here.

27 Mar 2019 08:35

What are your rights in case of defects in your apartment?

Written by Megan Birot

Rising demand and fast turnaround of owning apartment buildings are causing a surge in defects. This is leaving owners of strata titles wondering what protections are in place.

12 Mar 2019 09:19

Why Aussies are home staging in a slowing market

Written by Megan Birot

Faced with a slowing property market, Aussies are staging their homes to attract more buyers & higher sale prices. Discover more, including cheap styling hacks.

kids swimming in pool fun

4 Jan 2019 16:34

Swimming pool ownership is on the rise. What should you know about getting a pool?

Written by Eliza Buglar

A recent study has shown that swimming pool ownership in Australia has increased over the last four years. Find out some of the important things you need to know about getting a pool.

16 Apr 2016 01:51

How much are the average Aussie’s contents worth?

Written by Compare the Market

ABS reported that the average net worth for Australian households was $809,900 in 2013-2014, so what could our household assets be worth in the future?

2 May 2014 14:26

A Man’s Best Friend: His Shed!

Written by Compare the Market

Your shed may be your haven, but it’s not impervious to theft or damage. Keep reading to get the lowdown on protecting your gear the right way.