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Heonji Kim

When she's not tapping away at her computer, you can find Heonji making travel plans or giving her cat a belly rub (at her own demise). She's completed an extended major in writing at UQ, but she also enjoys playing the piano and drawing portraits. Through writing, she hopes to provide readers with new and interesting perspectives.

Stories by Heonji Kim

27 Nov 2020 11:32

Federal Budget announcement: small business assets write-off 2020

Written by Heonji Kim

The instant asset write-off scheme for COVID-19 is being extended. Find out everything you need to know about this scheme as a small business owner.

1 Oct 2020 14:25

Aussies turn to gig work during economic downturn

Written by Heonji Kim

Millions of Aussies have been financially impacted by COVID-19, but gig work has been helping many stay afloat during these difficult times.

22 Sep 2020 17:18

How six everyday habits contribute to your eyesight getting worse

Written by Heonji Kim

Is your eyesight getting worse? From potential causes to treatment costs and private cover. We’ve spelled out everything you want to know about eye health

18 Sep 2020 08:07

How could COVID-19 affect road deaths worldwide?

Written by Heonji Kim

How likely is it for the significant decrease in the number of road users to see a correlating reduction in road-related mortalities?

8 Sep 2020 15:51

Youths are eliminating credit cards: savvy or unknowing?

Written by Heonji Kim

There appears to be a knowledge gap between generations when it comes to credit. Are youths being savvy by moving away from credit cards? Find out more!

27 Aug 2020 10:14

Gig economy: the megatrend reshaping our idea of work

Written by Heonji Kim

The gig economy is an ever-growing free market that has flourished in the wake of the digital world. Find out how Uber, Etsy, Freelancer and Fiverr, among other gig platforms, have grown.

26 Aug 2020 10:43

Trending quarantine activities: What are Aussies up to at home?

Written by Heonji Kim

While certain searches have seen big spikes mid-2020, there are plenty of other quarantine activities that have caught the attention of Aussies this year.

5 Aug 2020 14:07

How much are we spending on body cleansing products?

Written by Heonji Kim

Whether it’s body wash or simple bar soap, we all have a favourite type of soap for our daily hygiene rituals. But are we getting the best value for our money?

31 Jul 2020 17:37

Ski lift passes in high demand despite COVID-19 second wave

Written by Heonji Kim

Just before Victoria’s second wave, the demand for ski lift passes had soared with thousands queueing online to get their passes.The total number of Google searches for ‘lift passes’ and ‘ski passes’ (908 searches) were at an all time high...

14 Jul 2020 16:20

What’s the best day to buy petrol?

Written by Heonji Kim

Have you ever wondered when the best day to buy petrol is? Learn about petrol price cycles and ways to save big on fuel with these handy tips.

27 Apr 2020 15:06

Giving birth during COVID-19 lockdown: What can you expect?

Written by Heonji Kim

What's changed? Can you give birth during lockdown safely? What if you contract COVID-19? Here's a rundown of what you could expect.

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