The most expensive taxi they’ll ever take: Aussies ignorant about ambulance costs

With 7.8 million emergency department hospitalisations in 2016-17, ambulance is a service most Aussies will use at least once in their lives

Health cover a head scratcher: 7 in 10 policyholders admit they suffer from information overload

Australians don’t fully understand what they are paying for - 71% feel overwhelmed by all the health insurance information available, and 50% find their policy unclear

4 out of 10 people admit to delaying surgery due to fear of unexpected costs

Even after paying hefty health insurance premiums, nine out of ten Aussies (88%) are still being hit by extra expenses after their procedure.

Health insurance premiums rise by 3.95%

While the 3.95% increase may be less than previous years, the average health insurance policy has risen 29.75 per cent in total over the last 5 years. welcomes changes to private health supports the government’s decision to overhaul the private health insurance industry by making cover simpler and more affordable.

Private health insurance the biggest expense for 1 in 4 households

With 34 private health insurers having increased premiums, new research reveals the burden of health insurance on Aussie household bills.

They’re back! Meerkat celebrities Aleksandr and Sergei return to Australia

The famous meerkat toys are back again as a reward to Aussie households who take out health insurance between 15 May and 30 June.