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13 Feb 2020 08:51

Should you break up with couples health insurance?

Written by Phillip Portman

If you’re in a relationship, is it better to take out couples health insurance or two single policies? We answer these questions and more in this article.

18 Jul 2019 09:03

Living with diabetes: ‘I’ve literally been asked, ‘why aren’t you fat?’

Written by Megan Birot

Every five minutes an Aussie is diagnosed with diabetes. To coincide with National Diabetes Week, we spoke to Melanie Clarke about the reality of living with diabetes for almost 20 years.

woman curled up on bed clutching belly

24 Apr 2019 09:05

What is endometriosis and how does it affect 1 in 10 Aussie women?

Written by James McCay

In Australia, over 700,000 women suffer from endometriosis. What is endometriosis? What are its symptoms, and how do Medicare and private health insurance help cover the cost of treatment?

8 Mar 2019 15:57

Top sports to increase your life expectancy

Written by James McCay

Learn about the top sports to increase your life expectancy based on scientific research, and how private health insurance extras can help cover the cost.

7 Mar 2019 12:23

Three-quarters of consumers don’t know their health policy may close and 60% don’t trust their fund to switch them

Written by Hannah Twiggs

Thousands of health insurance policyholders could be switched to alternative policies as the long-awaited governmental private health insurance reforms start to come into effect on 1 April

26 Apr 2017 09:30

What will our healthy food trends look like this year?

Written by Compare the Market

Australian healthy eating trends have changed over the recent years. We look at the changes, what stayed the same, and how it fits in with our lifestyles.

26 Apr 2017 06:26

Guide to health insurance at tax time

Written by Alex Rappel

This time of year can be confusing, so let's break down the sometimes puzzling world of private health, tax time, and what it means for you.

21 Dec 2016 11:03

The six pregnancy waiting period traps to avoid

Written by Compare the Market

Aussies who are thinking of starting or growing their family, keep reading! Mums-to-be are urged to check their private health insurance cover a year ahead

Fruit vs vegetables

8 Jun 2016 01:10

Fructose & Fibre: friend or foe?

Written by Compare the Market

We take a close look at the main components of fruit and vegetables: fructose and fibre, to determine what should we eat, and how much is healthy.

3 Apr 2016 01:12

Is lactose intolerance on the rise in Australia?

Written by Compare the Market

Around 75% of the global population are intolerant to lactose, but only 15% of Australia. We cover the basics, from diagnosis to where lactose can be found.

19 Oct 2015 08:53

Is Australia the most expensive place for grocery shopping?

Written by Compare the Market

We pay a lot for food, but are we the most expensive country in the world? We look at what’s driving the market and why food prices may be so high.

12 Sep 2014 13:52

Is Technology Turning You Into a Zombie?

Written by Compare the Market

Are you or someone you know at risk of becoming The Walking Dead because of a serious technology addiction? Check out our infographic for the warning signs.