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13 Sep 2021 11:32

Private patients in the dark over health cover options

Written by Marcus Lambinon

Private patients in the dark over health cover options – and it’s costing them.

Health care Australia

3 Sep 2021 10:14

Australia’s health care system among the best in the world

Written by Matthew Keogh

Australia’s health system has been ranked third among 11 of the world’s wealthiest countries, according to a new international report.

woman with depression

23 Aug 2021 14:27

Rising mental health claims among young Australians

Written by Matthew Keogh

Given the current stresses within our society and the ongoing pandemic, there is no doubt that young Australians are struggling with their mental health.

27 Jul 2021 09:38

The most organ transplants in the world

Written by Matthew Keogh

Which country completes the most organ transplants? And where does your country rank? We crunched the numbers for member countries of the OECD.

20 Jul 2021 10:23

The History of Women at the Olympic Games

Written by Matthew Keogh

We've created an article that documents the history of women at the Olympic Games, the leading medal winners and some of the most inspiring moments.

Heartbreak States

25 Jun 2021 10:43

Heartbreak States: how does heartbreak in Australia compare to America?

Written by Compare the Market

With the average Australian suffering 2.44 heartbreaks, how does that compare with the US? And how can you effectively deal with grief? Find out more here.

8 Jun 2021 12:17

Medical implant innovations: A record of human ingenuity

Written by Heonji Kim

Humans are sharing an increasingly intimate space with our technological fascinations. In this article, we’re delving into the history of medical implants.

26 May 2021 15:34

Unconventional health treatments

Written by Renee Olsson

From sitting inside a rotting whale’s carcass to drinking radium tonics, find out which health treatments from the past are deemed most unconventional… and if they play any part in modern medicine today!

19 Apr 2021 13:58

Birth heat map by countries: Where are the baby boom capitals?

Written by Phillip Portman

Have you ever wondered just how many babies are born around the world? How about the ratio of boys born compared to girls?

Dirtiest household essentials

10 Feb 2021 14:40

Dirtiest household essentials revealed

Written by Compare the Market

From shopping trollies to remote controls, phones, toilets and more; discover how dirty these everyday essentials really are. The results may surprise you...