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Aus vs US healthcare

20 May 2022 09:00

Australian healthcare satisfaction much greater than the US

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Anthony Fleming

Australians are much more satisfied with their healthcare system overall compared to Americans, new data shows.

30 Apr 2022 09:41

Healthcare perceptions

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

We all have some gripes with our healthcare system but what do people really think about it, and does it stack up against other countries? We asked people in Australia, America and Canada to find out.

28 Apr 2022 13:24

COVID-19 Confessions

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

Health directives were abundant throughout the pandemic, but how many people actually followed them? Compare the Market surveyed adults across Australia, Canada and America to find out.

31 Mar 2022 15:48

Trust in Medical Professionals

Written by Hannah Norton

The pandemic has altered many people’s perceptions of the healthcare industry in recent years, but just how much of a difference has there been in our level of trust in local doctors?

31 Mar 2022 15:43

Cleanest Countries

Written by Hannah Norton

Washing your sheets, towels, and brushing your teeth are all important to maintain good hygiene practises. But which country has the dirtiest cleaning habits?

The Most Popular Sportswear Brands

28 Mar 2022 11:34

The Most Popular Sportswear Brands

Written by Compare the Market

We reveal the world’s most popular sportswear brands by analysing Google search results.

24 Mar 2022 15:44

Professional athlete diets

Written by Heonji Kim

It takes a lot to be a professional athlete, from a rigorous training regime to a restrictive diet. We take a look at what athletes eat to keep them in top form.

Health changes 2022

11 Mar 2022 11:26

Health insurance changes to be aware of in 2022

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Anthony Fleming

Compare the Market’s health insurance expert Anthony Fleming shares his top tips to keep your hip pocket healthy this year.

Fitfluencers rich list

22 Feb 2022 09:56

The fitfluencer rich list: How much famous fitness folk make through Instagram

Written by Compare the Market

Which Instagram fitfluencer makes the most for every #fitspo image they post? From Conor McGregor to Mia Khalifa, let's see the richest fitness influencers.

a woman calculating her taxes with private health insurance

8 Feb 2022 16:09

Everyone is Talking About These Health Insurance Hacks!

Written by Compare the Market

Hack your health insurance with these tips and tricks!