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Phillip Portman

When he’s not busy writing, Phillip can usually be found at the movies, playing with his Italian Greyhound Wilma, hanging out with his cockatiel Tiki, or talking about everything pop culture. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism and has previously written about health, entertainment, and lifestyle for various publications. Phillip loves to help others and hopes that people learn something new from his articles.

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Stories by Phillip Portman

Most Searched Car Brands 2021

6 Jan 2022 08:29

Toyota reigns supreme as most searched car brand for 2021

Written by Phillip Portman

Which car brands were the most searched in 2021, and how do the results change around the world? Read on to find out.

House with Christmas lights

9 Dec 2021 09:20

Light up your tree without lighting up your electricity bill!

Written by Phillip Portman

What impact do Christmas lights have on electricity bills in Australia? Read on to find out.

family moving into new home after connecting electricity

17 Nov 2021 15:58

Moving house? This trick will help connect your electricity quicker

Written by Phillip Portman

Our energy expert offers his top tip for connecting electricity quick when you’re moving house.

12 Nov 2021 11:39

Torrential storms are forecast this week – prepare for a blackout now

Written by Phillip Portman

Wild storms are predicted for Australia this week. Our expert offers his top tips to prepare for a power outage.

9 Nov 2021 15:00

Victorians urged to apply for $250 bonus energy payment before end of January

Written by Phillip Portman

A one-off $250 payment is being offered to eligible Victorian households to help cover the cost of energy bills. Find out if you can apply.

8 Nov 2021 10:29

Energy customers warned to be vigilant as Australians lose millions to scams

Written by Phillip Portman

Australians are being warned to be vigilant as several worrying scams target gas and electricity customers around the country.

Family using electricity during COVID-19 pandemic

5 Nov 2021 09:28

Pandemic dramatically shifts how Australians use energy

Written by Phillip Portman

A new report shows how Australians changed their energy usage and attitudes through the COVID-19 pandemic.

28 Oct 2021 09:26

The services with the longest terms and conditions

Written by Phillip Portman

We investigate the surprising websites and services in Australia with the longest terms and conditions.

27 Oct 2021 13:11

Turn back time on your electricity bill with this ultimate hack

Written by Phillip Portman

An industry rule change means Australians can effectively turn back time on power bills and pay for their electricity usage at reduced rates. Find out how.

22 Oct 2021 09:28

Australia’s top energy source revealed as climate change debate heats up

Written by Phillip Portman

A new report has revealed the energy sources Australians prefer and which ones they’re turning away from. Read more.

21 Oct 2021 10:51

Electricity prices pre- and post-COVID

Written by Phillip Portman

How did electricity prices change between 2019 and 2020? Read on to see which countries had the greatest increases and decreases between the two years.

5 Oct 2021 12:44

It’s now easier to take advantage of new electricity rates

Written by Phillip Portman

New rule changes mean you’ll be able to switch electricity providers and start saving in as little as two business days, rather than waiting up to 90 days.

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