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Phillip Portman

When he’s not busy writing, Phillip can usually be found at the movies, playing with his Italian Greyhound Wilma, hanging out with his cockatiel Tiki, or talking about everything pop culture. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism and has previously written about health, entertainment, and lifestyle for various publications. Phillip loves to help others and hopes that people learn something new from his articles.

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Stories by Phillip Portman

Catriona Rowntree 2022 Compare the Market partnership

23 Jun 2022 08:47

Back with a bang – Travel returns as Catriona Rowntree and Compare the Market help Aussies plan the perfect getaway

Written by Phillip Portman

Compare the Market is excited to announce it has partnered with Catriona Rowntree.

workers figuring out australian energy crisis

22 Jun 2022 13:56

Australia’s energy crisis – Your FAQs answered

Written by Phillip Portman

We answer your questions about Australia's energy crisis

woman reading letter telling her gas prices are increasing

20 Jun 2022 10:11

Why have I received a letter telling me that gas prices are increasing?

Written by Phillip Portman

Households and small businesses on variable rate gas plans have been notified of price changes from 1 July.

man installing solar panels

20 Jun 2022 08:42

How to cheat the system ahead of the ‘sun tax’ reforms

Written by Phillip Portman, reviewed by Brett Mifsud

The impending ‘sun tax’ will see Australians charged for solar exports when there’s low demand.  

woman holding candle after energy was disconnected

9 Jun 2022 14:49

Australians warned their energy could be disconnected without following this step

Written by Phillip Portman, reviewed by Brett Mifsud

Compare the Market urges anyone in financial stress to contact their energy retailer to explore their options.

customer with high energy bill

2 Jun 2022 13:56

Australia’s energy market is in turmoil – what can you to do to secure a plan?

Written by Phillip Portman, reviewed by Brett Mifsud

Several smaller electricity retailers are going out of business or telling customers to switch to a different electricity retailer to avoid higher bills.

customers on reamped plan looking at bill

1 Jun 2022 11:01

‘Prices could double’ – 70,000 ReAmped customers told to switch providers ASAP

Written by Phillip Portman, reviewed by Brett Mifsud

More than 70,000 ReAmped electricity customers have been told to switch electricity retailers or risk higher prices.

customers reading about the default market offer for 2022 and 2023

26 May 2022 16:12

Hundreds added to energy bills – but a simple call could help you save

Written by Phillip Portman, reviewed by Brett Mifsud

The Default Market Offer for 2022-23 has been announced, potentially adding hundreds of dollars to energy bills for many families

couple wondering why their electricity bill is higher

12 May 2022 10:57

Aussie households tipped to feel the pinch as energy supply costs soar

Written by Phillip Portman, reviewed by Brett Mifsud

Wholesale electricity prices are rising, which means Australian families could soon be paying more for the electricity they use.

Couple applying for Victorian Power Saving Bonus

9 May 2022 12:58

Victorians are eligible for a $250 Power Saving Bonus – Here’s how to apply

Written by Phillip Portman

Eligible Victorian households will be entitled to $250 to use on energy bills. Here’s what you need to know.

people working from the office

3 May 2022 09:52

Cost of returning to work could blow out family budget, research shows

Written by Phillip Portman

Rising fuel prices, CBD parking fees, tolls, public transport costs and even the daily takeaway coffee or lunch could outweigh the costs involved in working from home.


13 Apr 2022 12:26

Pet safety warning: don’t let Easter turn into a dog’s breakfast

Written by Phillip Portman, reviewed by Stephen Zeller

Families looking forward to an egg hunt this Easter are being urged to be extra careful with chocolate goodies around their pets.

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