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19 Jul 2024 09:30

Olive oil tourism hotspots around the world

Written by Hannah Norton

Discover more about oleotourism here, as well as the best destinations to experience it, from Greece and Italy, through to Australia, Argentina, and more.

11 Jul 2024 14:00

The best cities to hold a destination wedding

Written by Jacob Stiles

The travel insurance experts at Compare the Market examine some of the best cities for a destination wedding around the globe.

24 Jun 2024 17:13

Second home hotspots around the world

Written by Hannah Norton

From Lisbon to Los Angeles, Cape Town to Canberra, discover holiday home hotspots around the world, based on the cost of living, things to do, and more.

Cities with the biggest driving fines thumbnail

21 Jun 2024 11:00

Cities with the Biggest Driving Fines

Written by Henry Man

Compare the Market research has uncovered the cities with the highest road fines globally.

Living Without an Income thumbnail

19 Jun 2024 13:00

Living Without an Income

Written by Henry Man

A Compare the Market study has revealed one-in-10 people are living week-by-week, amid cost-of-living pressures.

Moving up in life expectancy thumbnail

13 Jun 2024 09:00

Moving Up in Life Expectancy

Written by Henry Man

Compare the Market research has revealed the countries that have most improved their average life expectancies globally since 1950.

a close up of an engine with a dark teal filter and title card overlay reading "The most expensive places to own a car 2024"

5 Jun 2024 12:24

Cost of Car Ownership Around The World

Written by James McCay

Compare the Market's 2024 car ownership index report ranks 26 nations to find which ones are the most expensive to own a car in, and which are the cheapest.

30 May 2024 13:06

The cities in the world that have the least (and most!) break-ins

Written by Hannah Norton

Where in the world has the most break-ins, and where has the least? Discover this, and the cities that spend the most on smart home security systems, here.

29 May 2024 15:22

Who cares about home ownership?

Written by Jacob Stiles

The team at Compare the Market Australia survey more than 3,000 adults to find out who still cares about home ownership across Australia, Canada and the USA.

29 May 2024 09:57

The best cities around the world for active lifestyles

Written by Hannah Norton

From Chicago to Canberra, Durban to Dublin, discover the best cities for an active lifestyle, based on the number of gyms, green spaces, and so much more.