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Single Women Liveability Index

19 May 2022 12:44

Single Women Liveability Index

Written by Compare the Market

We reveal the best countries for single women to live, based on factors such as safety, happiness, living costs, women’s rights and things to do.

Coastal City Breaks featured

17 May 2022 11:19

Coastal City Breaks

Written by Compare the Market

We’ve ranked beach cities from around the world on factors such as things to do, places to eat, and the local weather to reveal the best coastal breaks.

16 May 2022 14:00

Dangerous driving confessions

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

Many of us have had a quick bite at the wheel or changed songs on the highway, but how many of us have run a red light or driven under the influence? Compare the Market surveyed people to find out.

16 May 2022 10:05

Natural disaster preppers

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

We always assume that we’re going to be ready no matter what might come our way, but is that really the case? Compare the Market quizzed people to see how prepared they are when it comes to natural disasters.

The Best International Cities for Stargazing social

12 May 2022 14:43

The Best International Cities for Stargazing

Written by Compare the Market

Whether you simply want to wish upon a star, or see constellations close up with a telescope, discover 50 cities that are great for stargazing, here.

30 Apr 2022 09:41

Healthcare perceptions

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

We all have some gripes with our healthcare system but what do people really think about it, and does it stack up against other countries? We asked people in Australia, America and Canada to find out.

The worlds most popular architectural designs social

28 Apr 2022 17:12

Most loved architectural design styles by country

Written by Compare the Market

Architecture varies so much across the world – but which architectural design styles are favoured by different countries? Find out in our latest blog!

28 Apr 2022 13:24

COVID-19 Confessions

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

Health directives were abundant throughout the pandemic, but how many people actually followed them? Compare the Market surveyed adults across Australia, Canada and America to find out.

The Green Fuel Index social

27 Apr 2022 15:18

The Green Fuel Index

Written by Compare the Market

We reveal the countries that produce the most renewable energy, as well as the countries with the largest reliance on renewable sources.

31 Mar 2022 15:48

Trust in Medical Professionals

Written by Hannah Norton

The pandemic has altered many people’s perceptions of the healthcare industry in recent years, but just how much of a difference has there been in our level of trust in local doctors?