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21 Feb 2024 16:04

The most eco-conscious cities in the world

Written by Hannah Norton

From recycling opportunities to renewable energy usage, the number of thrift stores and vegan restaurants, discover the most eco-conscious cities worldwide.

21 Feb 2024 14:33

Revealed: the cars with the best and worst resale values

Written by Hannah Norton

Most cars depreciate in value as soon as you drive away from the garage, but which have the best and worst resale value, and how do electric vehicles compare? Find out here.

16 Feb 2024 09:18

Hygienic states and cities across the USA, Canada, and Australia

Written by Hannah Norton

We uncovered the most hygienic cities and states across the USA, Canada, and Australia by looking at searches for key items including hand wash and deodorant.

Words "road rage report" on red fiery background

13 Feb 2024 15:24

Road Rage Report

Written by James McCay

A Compare the Market survey reveals the true prevalence of road rage, the top bad behaviours on the road, and the decline in civility. See the findings here.

a title card reading "Wealth Age Gap"

8 Feb 2024 17:24

The Wealth Gap Survey

Written by James McCay

Compare the Market examines financial change among the social classes, the impact upbringing and background has on financial habits, and home ownership stats.

8 Feb 2024 13:00

Pest infested places

Written by Hannah Norton

No one wants an infestation in their home - but which places are the most likely to have vermin? Find out more in our ranking of pest-ridden places.

5 Feb 2024 03:31

Who’s Keen to go Green?

Written by Jacob Stiles

Compare the Market Australia asks 3,000 Australian, American and Canadian adults about how excited they are to be powered by renewables, and what they think of nuclear energy.

2 Feb 2024 15:31

Where are the best cities for LGBTQ+ dating worldwide?

Written by Hannah Norton

Discover the best cities for LGBTQ+ dating from Compare the Market AU, considering the different factors that make a great, and safe, date. Find out more, here.

23 Jan 2024 10:51

Best Car-Less Cities

Written by Jacob Stiles

Compare the Market Australia creates an index to figure out which cities around the world are the best to visit without a car.

19 Jan 2024 15:29

How long does it take to heal from heartache?

Written by Hannah Norton

We surveyed Americans and Australians to discover how long it takes to heal from a broken heart, how it affected them, and what helped them through it.