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four piggy banks in front of green background with black wording above saying "Friends and Finances"

23 Apr 2024 11:31

Friends and Finances

Written by James McCay

With house prices so expensive, Compare the Market's latest survey explores how willing people would be to buy a home with friends and siblings.

a pink picture of egg timers

23 Apr 2024 11:30

Egg Freezing Popularity

Written by James McCay

Compare the Market ranks 25 countries for the search demand and costs of egg freezing. Which country is cheapest? See the results here.

17 Apr 2024 07:08

These are the most popular car models around the world

Written by Hannah Norton

From Tesla to Toyota, Škoda to Suzuki: discover the most popular car brands and models across the USA, Australia, and Europe, based on monthly search volumes.

10 Apr 2024 10:00

Cost of a Passport Around the World

Written by Jacob Stiles

Compare the Market Australia has examined the cost and value of different national passports around the world to reveal which are the most expensive.

Natural Disaster Nations thumbnail with cloudy background

8 Apr 2024 16:00

Natural Disaster Nations

Written by Henry Man

Compare the Market Australia research has revealed the countries most impacted by natural disasters in the past 50 years.

8 Apr 2024 13:45

The world’s most walkable cities

Written by Hannah Norton

From Munich to Manila, Cape Town to Chicago, discover the best cities for walking around based on public transport, safety, access to amenities, and more.

3 Apr 2024 14:42

The 2024 men’s mental health report

Written by Hannah Norton

We surveyed men across the USA and Australia, around their poor mental health symptoms, the causes of it, and who they could speak to. Find out more, here.

3 Apr 2024 14:25

The best cities in the world for millennials

Written by Hannah Norton

From affordable living, through to equality, work/life balance, and recreation opportunities, discover the best cities for millennials across the world, here.

Used Car Demand Report 2024 title

3 Apr 2024 13:00

Used Car Demand Report 2024

Written by Henry Man

A Compare the Market Australia study has revealed the most in demand used cars globally.

Renting Hell or Heaven? with furniture background thumbnail

18 Mar 2024 13:00

Renting Hell or Heaven?

Written by Henry Man

A Compare the Market Australia study has revealed the best countries for financial liveability and which nation is cheaper to rent than buy a home.