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featured image fossil fuel divestment

20 Oct 2021 11:25

The Divestment Investment

Written by Anthony Klan

A decade since the birth of the fossil fuel divestment movement, Compare the Market investigates how much of a difference the movement has made to the planet.

feature image

20 Oct 2021 09:51

Do pet surgery costs rival human surgery costs?

Written by Matthew Keogh

Do you ever wonder if medical bills cost more for ourselves or our beloved pets? We've researched five common surgeries and compared human surgery costs against pet surgery costs.

19 Oct 2021 13:35

The most and least loved car brands on the internet

Written by Compare the Market

BMW, MINI, Tesla, Rolls-Royce. With so many brands to choose from, which is the most favoured throughout the world, and which brand do people like the least?

19 Oct 2021 09:38

Weekly unemployment benefits during COVID-19

Written by Anthony Klan

Hundreds of millions of jobs vanished during the pandemic, but where in the world offered the best unemployment benefits for those affected?

Green space Featured image

19 Oct 2021 09:34

The greenest cities in the world

Written by Matthew Keogh

We’ve identified the greenest cities in the world and discovered which cities boast the largest area of green space per person.

15 Oct 2021 11:08

The World’s Favourite Disney Characters

Written by Eliza Buglar

Ever wondered which of Disney's many characters is the most popular? We crunched the numbers to find out!

feature image healthcare costs

14 Oct 2021 13:23

Global comparison of out-of-pocket healthcare costs

Written by Compare the Market

We look at what out-of-pocket healthcare costs there are around the world. From top to bottom, most expensive to least, here's what we found out.

14 Oct 2021 09:38

The best countries for driving

Written by James McCay

Which nation has the best roads or cheapest motoring costs? What about congestion and road mortality rates? Join us as we take a look.

12 Oct 2021 16:54

Changes in household wealth during COVID-19

Written by Eliza Buglar

Compare the Market takes a look at how household net wealth has changed over the last five years, with a particular focus on 2019 and 2020.

12 Oct 2021 14:56

Australia’s car crash calendar

Written by James McCay

Most road deaths occur at certain times of the year. Discover when most fatalities occur, what's causing it, and join us for a deep dive into the data.