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Looking for a change? You’re not alone. According to the Australian Energy Market Commission 2017 review, more small business energy customers are dissatisfied with the cost of their electricity plans.

On this page, we outline the ways you can benefit by switching to a better business electricity deal.

Why switch small business electricity providers?

  1. Saving on quarterly bills. By shopping around, you could find a business energy plan with lower consumption/usage charges. New offers are becoming available all of the time.
  2. Taking advantage of sign up discounts. When you switch to a new provider, they could offer you a substantial pay-on-time discount, credit added to your account, or a discount on usage charges.
  3. Seeking better customer service. A bad customer experience is enough to send any Aussie back to the market to find new deals. According to Roy Morgan, seven per cent of electricity customers and six per cent of gas customers were unhappy with their utilities retailer.

No matter what motivates you to switch, we’re here to help you find a suitable electricity deal for your business.

Can I choose a different electricity provider?

The increasing energy deregulation across Australia means more small businesses can freely choose their electricity provider.

If your business is located in New South Wales, southeast Queensland, coastal South AustraliaVictoria, or the Australian Capital Territory, you can change retailers freely.

Meanwhile, the government still sets energy rates in Western AustraliaTasmania, regional Queensland and the Northern Territory. While you can still change retailers freely in these areas, there are fewer competitors in these energy markets to choose from – although this may change in the future.

How long does switching to a new electricity plan take?

Time is a precious asset when you run a business. The good news is finding an electricity deal and signing up may only take a few minutes, and the application can be done quickly. An electricity changeover can take up to three months, as that’s the common time period between meter readings.

Will I lose the power supply at my premises?

Unless you’re moving to new business premises, there’s no need for you to expect a power interruption.

We’re a one-stop shop for small business electricity. After you’ve purchased your energy product through us, you can get on with your business. Just let us know your intended move date so we can arrange the changeover to your new electricity distributor at the new premises, and the disconnection for your old premises.

If you want to avoid overpaying on your electricity bill, switching providers could be the best solution for you. Our simple electricity comparison service lets you find a better plan for your business in just a few minutes.

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