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Why take out home & contents insurance?

Home insurance protects homeowners, landlords, and tenants against property damage, loss or destruction. Policies cover events including fire, theft, and natural disasters (e.g. floods).

This type of policy usually insures your home to a predetermined amount, or the “sum insured”. Before you take out cover, you will need to calculate the costs required to rebuild your home following an accident or disaster.

A contents insurance policy (sometimes called ‘renters insurance’) safeguards you against the loss of, or damage to, your belongings. It’s a crucial purchase for anyone who cares about their personal effects.

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Learn more about home and contents insurance

Home insurance

A home insurance policy covers the walls and roof of your house, but not your belongings.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers items inside & outside your home for loss or damage from theft & fire.

Landlord insurance

This type of policy gives investors financial protection from damage and costly repairs.

Renters insurance

‘Renters insurance’ is another name for contents insurance. It covers your belongings while you are a tenant.

Factors that affect home & contents premiums

Your insurer will consider factors such as the estimate value of your home and contents, median suburb price, and home security when working out your monthly premium.

Accidental damage vs. defined events

A ‘defined events’ policy lists the risks that your property is insured for and excludes everything else, while ‘accidental damage’ is an additional policy benefit.

Policy additions

Policy additions are designed to help you fill the gaps for particular events your home and contents insurance policy might not cover (e.g. water damage).

Policy additions

Exclusions & restrictions to look out for

When you take out a comprehensive home and contents policy, certain events might still not be covered. These are called ‘policy exclusions’.

Personal effects

Personal effects cover protects your belongings (e.g. phones and jewellery) against loss, theft or damage when you are away from your home.

Motor burnout

‘Motor burnout’ is a policy feature covering events such as the unexpected breakdown of the motor in your fridge, washing machine or dishwasher.

Accidental damage insurance

‘Accident insurance’ gives you financial protection for unforeseen accidents in and outside of your home that results in damage.

Fire insurance

Australians are no strangers to the threat of property fires. Fire insurance is designed to take care of fire claims.

Flood insurance

Flood insurance provides financial protection against property damage or loss caused by flood. It is a crucial policy inclusion if you live in a flood-prone area.

Storm damage

Your policy outlines several storm-related events that might affect your property, such as hail, water runoff, and land gales. These comprise ‘storm damage’.

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