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Home is where the heart is

That’s how the saying goes, and there’s a lot of truth to this sentiment. Your home is far more than just four walls and a roof, after all – it’s a place of safety and comfort that houses not only you and your loved ones, but also your most precious possessions. Can you imagine how it might feel if the worst case scenario happened, and your home and belongings were destroyed beyond repair?

Be prepared and pro-active

This is where home and contents insurance comes in. In the event of unexpected theft of or damage to your property, having these two types of insurance could offer much-needed financial protection. Finding the right policy shouldn’t be a task, so that’s why allows you to compare policy features from a number of Australian insurance providers. You can also get a quote from our participating brands.

At, we understand the importance of having home and contents insurance that suits your needs and your lifestyle. So that’s why we created our compare features tool for Home and Content insurance policies, making it easier for you to compare your options and make an informed choice when it comes to your insurance policy.

Compare by features

Our features comparison includes a wide range of home and contents insurance products, making it easier for you to make an informed choice.

About Our features comparison tool

Our comparison tool uses data from an independent 3rd party, LMI Group, to compare product features. Although their products are compared, product providers do not endorse our website and may not approve the data. We have a commercial relationship with participating providers who are listed in our FSG.

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