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Tools to make your search easier

Borrowing Power calculator

Dreaming of owning your own property? Find out how much you could potentially borrow to put towards your home loan with our borrowing power calculator.

How much can I borrow >

Loan repayment calculator

Will your mortgage repayments fit into your budget? Use our calculator to work out how much your monthly, fortnightly, or weekly repayments will cost over the life of the loan.

Calculate loan repayments >

Property selling cost calculator

Want to sell your home? From real estate agent costs to settlement fees, see how much it will cost you with our property selling cost calculator.

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Learn about home loans

First home buyers FAQ

You’ll have a number of questions when going through the home loan process. We’ve aimed to answer all of them in our first home buyers’ FAQ.

Loan application

We’ve broken down the common loan application process, to help you understand what to expect when applying for your first home loan.

Mortgage insurance

Mortgage protection insurance (MPI) covers the property owner against losing the means of settling the mortgage should the worst happen. We explain the merits of this product in more detail.

What is stamp duty?

Stamp duty is a tax levied against the sale of property and land transfer, and can impact on your home buying budget. Find out how it is calculated.

Home buyer information

We break down different home loan types and the lending process. With this information, you'll have everything you need to prepare before buying.

Home buyer FAQ

How much can you borrow? What will your repayments work out to be? Check out our handy home buyers’ FAQ to find out.

Types of home loans

There are four common types of home loans in Australia: variable, fixed, split, and interest only. Each type has its advantages and trade-offs.

Document checklist

There are a number of documents you will need to submit when you apply for a home loan. We outline those in detail.

How to manage an investment property

If you have an investment property, you have the option of managing it yourself or getting an agent to do it. We’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Investing FAQ

Find out more about negative gearing, self managed super funds (SMSFs), the difference between home and investment loans, and other commonly-asked questions.

Investors guides

We have a great information hub for property investors, covering negative gearing, conveyancing and more.

Understanding investment property costs

Investment property costs can be split into two categories: one-off costs before the purchase, and the ongoing charges. Our list details both categories.

How do I refinance my home loan?

As a homeowner, your needs may change over the years. Whether you need extra funds to renovate, or you’re eager to buy an investment property, it’s important to know if refinancing is the right option for you.

What is refinancing?

We explain how refinancing works to help you make an informed decision, should you want a better deal on your home loan.

Refinancing FAQ

We list the answers to common questions about refinancing in our handy FAQ.

Why should I refinance?

For most people, reviewing their mortgage comes down to looking for a better deal for their circumstances. We list some of the most common reasons to consider refinancing.

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