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How do we make money?

We don’t charge consumers anything to use our comparison service. Instead, we receive a commission from our home loan partners each time one of our customers takes out a new home loan through our website. More details about our fees can be found in our Credit Guide.

We pride ourselves on the integrity of our comparison service so it is critically important to us that the way we make money doesn’t affect the comparison or presentation of products from our partners.

How does home loan comparison service work?

Choosing a home loan provider is often difficult and time consuming. Our comparison service aims to make that process easier and faster.

On our website, our customers can enter details about themselves and their home loan needs then browse through a comparison of different home loan rates and features that are available to them. If they decide to make an application with one of our home loan providers, they will be taken to that provider’s website to make their application.

What providers do we compare?

Click here to find out more and see providers CTM currently compares.

Although we cover a range of providers we don’t cover every provider or service available in the market so there may be other options available to you.  At times, not all brands on our website may be available.

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