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Stamp duty and how it works

Don't quite understand stamp duty? You might want to watch this explainer from Selling Houses Australia host, Andrew Winter.

Stephen Zeller, General Manager

Expert tips for stamp duty in the NT

Stamp duty is an important house-buying cost to account for, and it can end up being one of your most significant upfront expenses when buying property. Our General Manager of Money, Stephen Zeller has the following stamp duty tips for property buyers in the NT:

Calculate your stamp duty correctly

Stamp duty costs vary from state to state and from territory to territory. When calculating the applicable stamp duty on a home you are looking to purchase, double check to make sure you have selected the correct state/territory. Otherwise you could be under-estimating or possibly overestimating the fees applicable

Factor stamp duty into your homebuying costs

Stamp duty is often forgotten when thinking about the total savings needed to purchase a home. Research what your stamp duty costs may be based on your own individual scenario when factoring in the savings you’ll need to purchase a property, or you could be disappointed down the road.

We’re here to help!

Our expert Home Loan Specialists are available via phone or email to help you with any queries regarding how much stamp duty you may need to pay for your home purchase in NT, as well as any other questions you might have.

How does stamp duty work in the NT?

Stamp duty rates in the NT

The NT’s stamp duty thresholds and rates are simple compared to Australia’s other states and territories. Instead of charging flat sums with a sliding scale percentage amount attached, the NT simply deals in flat percentages based on the property’s purchase price for the most part (with the exception of the first tier).

The NT stamp duty rates (as of September 2022)¹ are listed in the table below.

Property valueRate of stamp duty payable
$525,000 or less(0.06571441 x V²) + 15V (where V is 1/1000 of the property’s dutiable value)
$525,000-$2,999,9994.95% of the property’s dutiable value
$3,000,000-$4,999,9995.75% of the property’s dutiable value
$5,000,000 or more5.95% of the property’s dutiable value

This makes ballparking the stamp duty you might pay on a property transfer much easier. Say you purchase a property for $700,000; this would attract a payable duty of 4.95%, which is equal to $34,650. So, that’s how much you would likely pay in stamp duty on your property purchase.

Unlike some other Australian states and territories, the NT doesn’t have different stamp duty rates for investment properties vs a principal place of residence.

What property types does stamp duty apply to in the NT?

According to the NT Government, property-related transactions considered ‘dutiable’ (i.e. will attract a title transfer fee) include:²

  • Acquisition of real estate and business property
  • Acquisition of shares in a land-holding corporation or unit trust
  • Grants of land leases where valuable consideration in addition to or without rent is given for the lease.

The upshot of this is that if you buy an established home, vacant land or a combination of the two, you’ll most likely pay stamp duty on that purchase. This applies regardless of whether you’ve bought an investment property or a primary residence.

When is stamp duty payable in the NT?

In the NT, stamp duty must be paid no less than 60 days after either:²

  • The documents of sale and transfer are executed
  • The occurrence of the transaction pertaining to said documents.

However, most buyers will generally have engaged the services of a solicitor or conveyancer during the homebuying process, and they will typically handle the stamp duty payment.

Where do I pay stamp duty in the NT?

Stamp duty must be paid to the Receiver of Territory Monies (the NT revenue office).² However, if you’re working with a solicitor or conveyancer, they will generally handle the payment of your stamp duty on your behalf.


Do I have to pay stamp duty in the NT?

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Do first home buyers pay stamp duty in the NT?

As of 30 June 2021, first home owners in the NT are not eligible for any stamp duty concessions or exemptions and must pay the full applicable duty on their first property purchase.³

Are there any other concessions or exemptions for stamp duty in the NT?

The NT has one stamp duty exemption available: the House and Land Package Exemption (HLPE).⁴ To be eligible for this full stamp duty exemption, you must purchase a house and land package from a building contractor before 30 June 2027, and in turn, the contractor must do one of the following:

  • Build or place a new and detached home on the land they sold to you
  • Complete the construction of a partially-built detached and new home on the land they sold to you
  • Transfer to you the ownership of an already-built detached and new home on the land they sold to you.

Additionally, the contractor must have bought the land in question from a developer and paid the applicable stamp duty on the purchase of said land. There are no means testing measures or price caps for the HLPE.

Unlike in some other Australian states and territories, the NT does not have any home owner discounts or concessions for eligible pensioners.

Do foreign purchasers pay stamp duty in the NT?

As of September 2022, foreign purchasers must pay the full amount of stamp duty applicable on any property purchase they make. However, unlike some of Australia’s other states and territories, the NT does not impose an additional stamp duty surcharge on foreign borrowers.

Stephen Zeller, General Manager

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