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The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) was introduced by the Australian Government to help Australian’s with their first home purchase. The Grant is available across Australia, at a base amount of $7,000, although the total grant amount and legislation varies for each state.

You can find more information about the FHOG in your state using the links below.

Are the rules different for newly built vs. pre-existing properties?

The base amount will be $7,000, however, extra incentives may be offered in some states and territories if you are building your first home.

What is the purchase value cap for my property?

  • ACT – $750,000
  • NSW – $650,000
  • NT – $600,000
  • QLD – $750,000
  • SA – $575,000
  • VIC – $750,000
  • WA – $750,000 (or $1,000,000 for properties north of the 26th parallel)
  • TAS – no limit

Information published current as of January 2014

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