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Why Queenslanders should compare electricity plans

When it comes to finding a great value power plan in Queensland, there are more choices now than ever before.

The retail energy market in South East Queensland (e.g. Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast) is deregulated. This means that the retailers set the price of their products; not the government. If you live in regional Queensland, prices continue to be regulated by the State Government.

Now that there’s increased competition in SEQ, it’s important to review your household’s power plan and see if there’s anything better. With us you can compare electricity prices from various providers, giving you more power in your decision. Our service outlines discounts, annual savings, and more – no matter what kind of contract you’re currently on. Learn more >

Learn more about energy in Queensland

Connecting utilities when moving house

At least a week before moving day, you should be confident that the power will be on when you arrive, as well as minimise any chance of paying two bills for two homes.Learn more »

The pros of using a smart meter

Are you unsure about using a smart meter? We look at the benefits of having this energy tracking tool and how it can help you save money on your quarterly bill.Learn more »

Understanding solar energy

Solar power has become quite popular for environmentally conscious and thrifty Queensland customers. Here’s how to get more from this green investment.Learn more »

Solar batteries

Queensland isn’t called ‘the Sunshine State’ for no reason, and solar panels are common in many homes. But should these households take advantage of solar batteries?Learn more »

Energy jargon explained

Confused by your electricity bill? We explain things like tariffs, peak pricing, rebates and meters – to give you the best understanding of your usage possible.Meet the brands »

Electricity concessions in QLD

The Queensland government offers a number of concessions and rebates that provide support to lower-income households who might be struggling to pay their power bills.Learn more »

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