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Work energy bills going through the roof? It could be time to consider using gas to save on your business costs.

Why should I use gas for my business?

  1. Cost efficiency. Natural gas-powered appliances are usually cheaper to run than electric appliances.
  2. Sign up discounts. When you sign up with a new gas provider, you could get an attractive discount. Additionally, most energy retailers offer business customers discounted electricity and gas when bundled together.
  3. Less dependence on the grid. Using gas means you could save in the long term by progressively cutting down on electricity use.

Gas or electricity: what’s best for me?

As an energy source, gas can work out much cheaper than electricity in the long term. Regular electricity price rises across Australia are another reason to consider using natural gas.

Gas is a necessity for food businesses. However, other types of enterprises that primarily rely on electricity could also utilise gas. Common gas-powered energy solutions include water systems, room or outdoor heaters, or bottled gas. Gas is also a great source of clean energy, as it is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel and produces far less CO2 emissions than electricity.

If you decide you can use both energy sources for your business, an electricity and gas bundle – or the ‘dual fuel’ plan – is a common energy solution for many Australians.

How do small businesses use gas?

  • Water heating. Gas boilers are usually cheaper to run than electric heaters, are more energy efficient, and can be automatically controlled.
  • Commercial cooking/heating. Gas ovens, steamers, instant-heat stovetops and outdoor heaters are staples at cafes, restaurants and pubs.

How can I get on a business gas plan?

With new gas deals regularly entering the market, all it takes from you is seeking out the right plan. If gas is available in your area, the distributor will connect your premises to a gas main on your street, and your energy retailer will authorise the gas meter installation after you sign up.

If you want to save on your business energy bill, try our handy comparison service to seek out a gas deal from some of Australia’s most trusted providers.

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