Small business gas plans

Compare the Market doesn’t currently offer energy plans for businesses, but visit us again in the future for any updates. If you’re a residential customer, you’re still able to compare both electricity and gas, provided you live in an eligible state or territory and meet the relevant eligibility criteria.

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A guide to small business gas plans

Last updated 8 April 2024
Written by Tiana Lee-Collins
Reviewed by Meredith O'Brien

About gas for small businesses

Gas or electricity: What’s best for me?

Should my small business use gas?

What’s the difference between LPG and natural gas?

Are there business tariffs specific to gas?

Who is my gas distributor?

Getting gas connected to your property

How do I know if natural gas is connected to my business premises?

How do I get a gas meter installed at my business premises?

What if my business changes address and I need natural gas connected to the new property?

Do I need to be there when my business gets gas connected?

Will I be charged if I disconnect or reconnect?

Understanding my gas bill

How do I read my gas bill?

Something’s not right with my bill. How can I get a meter reading?

Can I claim my business gas bills as a deduction for my next tax return?

Are there any energy incentives available for small businesses?

Although Tasmania and the Western Australia currently don’t have incentives for small businesses to increase their energy efficiency and lower emissions, many other states and territories do:

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Small to medium businesses operating in the ACT may be eligible through the Sustainable Business Program.1 The ACT Government offers an energy assessment of your business and potential access to energy efficiency upgrade rebates.

Victoria (VIC)

If you’re moving to or your business is currently situated in Victoria, your business may be eligible for the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.2 This program gives business discounts and rebates on energy-efficient electric and gas appliances and services, benefiting businesses of all sizes, with the exception of Victoria’s largest energy using businesses.

New South Wales (NSW)

In NSW, the Energy Savings Scheme provides incentives for office buildings to improve their NABERS energy rating, although any assistance is specific to your site and can vary.3

South Australia (SA)

For businesses and households, South Australia has the Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) to encourage energy saving.4 Energy customers in SA can access REPS by contacting any obliged retailers (regardless of which retailer they’re with) or contacting the activity providers. Activities may include the purchasing or installation of energy efficient appliances, water heating, lighting and more.

Queensland (QLD)

The PeakSmart air conditioning program allows for rebates for customers with either Energex or Ergon Energy as their distributor when purchasing an air conditioner or converting their current one to PeakSmart.5 Queensland also has the ecoBiz support program to assist businesses with saving money on their energy, water and waste bills.6

Northern Territory (NT)

Depending on your eligibility, if you have a business if the Northern Territory you may be able to get advice on being energy efficient as well as grants for efficiency improvements and renewable energy systems.7 The purpose of the Smarter Business Solutions program is to reduce day-to-day energy, waste and materials costs for businesses in NT.

Meet our energy expert, Meredith O’Brien

Meredith O'Brien
Head of Energy

As the Head of Energy at Compare the Market, Meredith O’Brien believes in educating Australian customers about the everchanging gas and electricity market so they can adjust their energy usage habits and get the most out of their energy plans.

Meredith has six years within the energy industry, following 15 years of experience in financial services and is currently studying a Master of Business Administration. Meredith is a dedicated customer advocate who is passionate about empowering Australians to find the right products to suit their needs by removing the confusion from comparing.

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