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Top 3 things to know about the Simples fuel app


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Simples is 100% free to use. We don’t charge you to use a service that’s intended to save you money.


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You can compare fuel prices in every state and territory in Australia, so you can save money at the bowser no matter where you’re headed.

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Save your trips and fuel types for quick access next time you’re on the move.

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A guide to the Simples fuel app

Updated May 2, 2024
Written by Eliza Buglar

What is the Simples app?

Simples is a fuel app that helps motorists compare fuel prices. Available through Google Play™ and the App Store®, you can find petrol and gas prices in your area or numerous locations around Australia.



However, with many petrol price apps on the market, we want to offer you more than just fuel price comparisons. You can also use Simples to get a quote for an array of insurance products we offer, and we’ll be on hand to guide you through our comparison services.

See the Terms and Conditions.

How does Simples let me compare fuel prices near me?

Can I find affordable fuel on the road using the app?

How the Simples app work

Is it easy to customise my options on the app?

Which types of petrol can I compare on the fuel app?

Where in Australia can I find petrol prices near me?

Does Simples compare petrol prices from every service station in Australia?

How regularly are fuel prices updated within the app?

Does Compare the Market get paid if I purchase fuel after using the app?

No, we don’t receive a fee or commission if you use our app to help secure cheaper fuel purchases. It’s entirely up to you where you choose to fill up – we’re just here to make the process as easy as possible.