Knowing your way around CTP

Compulsory Third Party insurance (CTP) or ‘greenslip’, as it’s most commonly known as in NSW, is something all vehicles are required to be covered by in all states within Australia. It provides the driver cover for any legal liability for injury and death as a result of an accident for which the insured is responsible – be it for other drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists.

In most states, CTP is included in your registration fees and you don’t need to worry about it too much. If you’re from QLD, ACT or NSW, you have the option of choosing your insurer.We can help you learn more about choosing a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance provider, simply click on your state from the selection below to find out more.

Getting the right info

To help you get up to speed with how this works in your state, we’ve provided information about CTP insurance in the below states:

Consider comprehensive car insurance

It’s important to be aware that in an accident, CTP will not insure you for any damage caused to you or anyone else’s car or property. One of the safest ways to protect yourself from nasty surprises is to consider a comprehensive policy, which will protect you over and above any imposed state regulatory cover.

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