CTP Insurance Western Australia

By law, all Australian drivers are required to have compulsory third party insurance, or CTP. In Western Australia CTP forms part of your car registration, and is automatically applied each time you renew.

CTP insurance protects drivers from claims that may be made against them arising from injury or death in an accident. It works on a ‘fault’ basis, meaning the injured person would need to prove you were negligent to be compensated.

To find out more about how this works in WA, visit the Insurance Commission of Western Australia.

Don’t skimp on your insurance

Some drivers don’t realise until it’s too late that CTP doesn’t cover them for damage or repair bills in an accident. Imagine having to suddenly come up with thousands of dollars to cover repair expenses, or losing the ability to drive to work because your car is totalled! Not having the right kind of cover simply isn’t worth the risk.

Comprehensive car insurance is recognised as being the best way to avoid costly setbacks. The advantages of having this type of insurance can far outweigh the cost. For insurance against damage to vehicles and property, it’s no wonder comprehensive car insurance is the most popular style of policy in Australia.

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