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What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a product that provides you with financial protection, as well as the all-important peace of mind, in case of accidents, unforeseen medical costs, flight or accommodation cancellations, and the loss or theft of your belongings (e.g. suitcases, handbags, or electronic devices) while you’re travelling.

Whether you’re travelling domestically or overseas, it’s best to take out travel insurance as soon as you book your trip, as you are covered for any deposits you pay, or final payments you make from when you purchase cover. So, if your flight is cancelled, or you fall ill before your holiday commences, you will have protection under your travel insurance policy.

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Learn more about travel insurance

Why you need travel cover

Travel insurance pays a benefit for a wide range of unplanned incidents; including trip cancellations, loss of personal belonging, and illness or accident expenses.Why get travel insurance »

Travel insurance glossary

Travel insurance policies may contain confusing terminology. Our glossary will assist you in cutting through any jargon, and may help you gain a better grasp of your policy.Glossary of terms »

Common exclusions

‘Common exclusions’ are events that your travel insurance policy doesn’t cover you for, such as acting illegally, or suffering injuries while being under the influence of alcohol.Travel cover inclusions »

How to claim on your travel insurance

No matter how well-prepared you are for your trip, you need to know how you can claim on your travel insurance policy.Claiming on travel cover »

Top destinations


Domestic cover can be perfect for when you hire a car, as most policies cover the rental vehicle excess that you may be asked to pay.Domestic travel insurance »


Japan’s frequent seismic activity means you should consider getting covered for natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis.Travel cover for Japan »


Having the right travel insurance for your Thai trip shields you from potential risks, such as a scooter accident or a case of food poisoning.Travel cover for Thailand »

New Zealand

New Zealand snow trips are great fun. Not being covered and having to pay medical costs brought on by an unforeseen injury isn’t.Travel cover for New Zealand »


While America has plenty to offer to a visitor, your trip could turn out to be a lot more expensive.  Medical costs for tourists in the US (and in Canada) are much higher than in Australia.Travel cover for the USA »


153 Australians were hospitalised in Indonesia in 2015-16 according to DFAT. This is just one reason why it’s wise to get travel cover for Bali, no matter how familiar this tropical island might be to Aussies.

Travel cover for Bali »

Types of travel insurance

Adventure travel insurance

Adventure travel insurance gives you peace of mind for enjoying adrenaline-charged activities such as skydiving or bungee jumping on your trip.Adventure travel insurance »

Student travel insurance

Student travel insurance can help you when something goes wrong on a trip you’ve worked hard to save for.Student travel insurance »

Cruise travel insurance

Cruise travel insurance can take care of medical costs if you get sick or injured away from the Australian shores, or recoup your deposit if you cancel your trip.Cruise travel insurance »

Travel insurance for pregnant women

Don’t know whether you’ll be covered for a pre-baby trip? You can get travel insurance when you’re pregnant, but this depends on a range of factors.Pregnancy travel insurance »

Travel insurance for the whole family

Taking out family travel insurance makes it easy for you to safeguard your loved ones under one policy.Family travel insurance »

Seniors travel insurance

Seniors can still enjoy the benefits of having travel insurance while they’re busy travelling the world. However, your age and health status can affect what you pay.Seniors travel insurance »

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