Often in our twenties and early thirties, we long to travel the globe. And, we want to focus on building a great career for ourselves, and find the perfect partner to spend our lives with…and have some cake and eat it too.

Fitting that into a decade may be tricky, and sometimes we only get the opportunity to travel when our family begins to grow. But guess what? Travelling with your family can be fantastic fun! Sure, it requires a bit more planning and it’s fair share of compromises, but it’s still something all of you will get to treasure forever.

Here’s what you need about how travel insurance can help keep your family safe from the unexpected.

How much does it cost to insure my kids?

Supposedly, if the kids are under 21 and don’t work full time, it shouldn’t cost anything to insure them. To double check, we compared policies on our site for couples travelling alone against couples travelling with kids. Most of the time, the policies were exactly the same.

Just as you should shop around when buying products for yourself, it’s important to do the same thing when buying insurance. Use our site to find the perfect travel insurance policy for your family.

What kinds of things do I need to get covered for?

It depends on what you and the kids will be getting up to.

  • Medical expenses. Just be aware that certain activities won’t be covered by every policies (e.g. skiing), so make sure your travel insurance matches your itinerary.
  • Theft/lost belongings. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your dream destination, only to realise someone’s snatched your luggage out of the taxi. However, this isn’t as big an issue if you can claim on this incident and get some money back. Just make sure you report the incident to both the insurer and the local police within 24 hours.
  • Cancellations and delays. All the planning in the world can’t account for what we call ‘submarines’ – unexpected advisories that seemingly emerge out of thin air!

What if I’m pregnant?

Getting travel insurance when you’re pregnant is a bit different. Before you do anything, speak to your doctor about your travel plans and see if you’re able to go. Typically, your first and second trimester are safe to travel in (provided you don’t experience any complications with your pregnancy), but you may struggle to find insurance in your third. Find out more about travel insurance and pregnancy.

Not pregnant, and not looking for family cover? You’ll  have more luck searching for travel insurance by type.