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Covering your entire family under one travel insurance policy is an excellent way to keep your family protected from the unexpected. Family travel insurance policies function identically to singles policies, but normally have higher limits due to the number of travellers they cover. They are better suited to travellers engaging in certain activities (i.e. trips to the beach instead of trips to dive bars).

How much does it cost to insure my kids?

If your kids are under 21 and don’t work full time, it shouldn’t cost anything extra to insure them – as they can be covered under your or the family policy.  Some insurers extend the definition of kids to dependants under 25 who live with you and don’t work full time. In most cases, single parents travelling with their kids only need to buy a single policy, where the cost rarely differs from those who travel without kids.

Most travel insurers will cover up to three kids travelling with two adults at no extra cost. An exception to this rule is when a minor is travelling alone for part of the journey. In this case, they’ll most likely need to be covered by a separate policy.

However, just as you should shop around when buying flights, it’s important to do the same thing when purchasing travel insurance. Use our site to find the perfect travel policy for your family.

What kinds of things do I need to get covered for?

It depends on what you and the kids will be getting up to! However, the most common claims on international travel insurance policies relate to medical expenses, theft/loss or property, and cancellations/delays.

  • Medical expenses. If anyone in your family falls ill or is injured during the trip, it’s up to you to pay the medical bills; unless you have travel insurance. Just be aware that certain activities aren’t covered by every policy (e.g. injuries suffered as a result of riding a motorcycle illegally), so make sure your policy matches your itinerary.
  • Theft/lost belongings. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your dream destination, only to realise someone’s snatched your luggage before you’ve left the airport. This doesn’t have to be a big issue, since you can claim on your travel insurance and get some money back. Just make sure you report the incident to your insurer, the airline and local police within 24 hours.
  • Cancellations and delays. Postponed flights and missed tours are common. However, in many cases, you can be compensated for this misfortune by making sure your travel insurance policy covers lost deposits and cancellations.

What about group travel insurance?

Group policies are ideal when there are more than two adults travelling together (with or without children), with many insurers catering for groups of eight, 10, 12 – even up to 25 people travelling together.  Not only can group policies be well-priced, you could save time by buying just one policy to cover all travellers.

However, when there are children travelling in the group, it is important to remember that a family policy may be a cheaper option. Additionally, while some insurers offer group travel insurance policies for anyone travelling in a group, they aren’t available through every provider.

Learn more about group travel insurance.

What if I’m pregnant?

Getting travel insurance when you’re pregnant is slightly different to taking out a family policy. Before you do anything, speak to your doctor about your travel plans and see if you’re able to go. Typically, your first and second trimesters are safe for travel, provided you don’t experience any complications with your pregnancy. Unfortunately, you may struggle to find insurance in your third trimester. Find out more about travel insurance and pregnancy.

Not pregnant, and not looking for family cover? You’ll have more luck searching for travel insurance by type.

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