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Travel insurance costs as much as you’d like it to cost. What you’ll pay varies, depending on various factors, which we’ve detailed below:

  1. How old the traveller is, and the age of any dependents
  2. Any pre-existing medical conditions
  3. Extras, such as cover for winter sports, or golf
  4. How long you’re travelling, and when you’re leaving
  5. Where you’re travelling to
  6. Which insurer you’ve opted to buy a policy from
  7. The level of cover you hold (ranging from basic to comprehensive)
  8. Whether you’re only insuring yourself, or others as well

Source: Understandinsurance.com.au/types-of-insurance/travel-insurance

Based on the above information, you can understand why it’s difficult to say, “Travel Cover costs this much.” Change just one of the above factors, and the cost would change.

Let’s say you’re travelling alone, on a single trip overseas to the United Kingdom. You leave July 1st, and get back July 31st (beautiful weather this time of year). You were born 01/01/1985. We looked at all the policies in our comparison service as of the 29th of June, 2016. Out of 27 basic travel insurance policies, the average cost was roughly $100. They varied from about $62 to $181.

The above only goes to prove our earlier point: the cost of your insurance will vary drastically depending on who you are, and what you’re doing. Things like ‘ski cover’ tended to be premium options that cost a little more, while no frills cover was pretty affordable. Find out a little more about travel insurance to get the most from your trip.

N.B. The travel insurance products compared on this site are not representative of all products available in the market.

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