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What kind of person requires a travel insurance policy? Here’s a quick test:

  • Can you afford to pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses in the event you’re in a serious accident?
  • Are you comfortable paying your own rental car excess in a crash?
  • Could you let go of the fact that your stolen or lost belongings are gone for good, and you won’t be compensated?

SmartTraveller.gov.au – the Federal Government’s online resource for safe travel – highly recommends you take out travel insurance before you go on a trip.

We highly recommend you take out the right travel insurance. While there’s no doubt it’s an integral purchase for your travels, there’s absolutely no reason for you to buy a lemon of a product when there are so many great options out there.

And yes, not every travel insurance policy covers all three dot points outlined above, but many of them do.

One thing to look out for is travel insurance that covers who you are, and what you’re doing on your trip. We’ve detailed some examples below.

  • Adventurers/backpackers. Fancy yourself as a bit of a Bear Grylls type? If the wild world calls to you, then you should at least make sure your travel insurance covers you for certain costs, even if it won’t cover you for dangerous activities.
  • If you’re taking your family across the seas, your chances of running into trouble immediately multiply. You have more belongings to insure, more bodies that could fall ill, and potentially a more expensive policy to pay for. There’s lots of ways to come out ahead when looking for cover for the whole family.
  • Pregnant Aussies. Some may automatically think, ‘There’s no way pregnant women can get travel insurance.’ Well, you’d be wrong! Most women will not have issues getting insured, depending on how far along they are, and whether or not they’ve had complications with the pregnancy.
  • Seniors cover. Older Australians have more of an opportunity to travel and explore than they ever have in their lives. Do they present a great risk to insure, and is this reflected in a more expensive travel insurance policy? The answer is…not necessarily, but there may be additional hoops they need to jump through prior to departure.
  • Students. Younger Aussies are keen to explore and experience new things, which lends itself well to any would-be world traveller. They needn’t worry about cost, as there are plenty of great value travel insurance policies well-suited to their age group.
  • Cruise cover. Maybe you’re not looking for an adventure on mountain peaks and rainforest floors…maybe you just want to lay by the pool for a couple of week and read a nice book! Your travel insurance needs don’t disappear when you board a cruise ship…they just change.
  • Group travel insurance. Travelling with more than one other adult and you’re all sharing the same itinerary? A group travel insurance policy may be the best solution. You can be safe in the knowledge that everyone is covered for the same activities and events – both before and after you depart. Learn about group travel policies.

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