Travel insurance for cruises

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Travel insurance tips for cruises

Catriona Rowntree’s top travel insurance tips for cruises.
Catriona Rowntree

Why take out travel insurance for cruises?

Besides giving you peace of mind on your holiday, there are a few other reasons you should consider taking out travel insurance for your cruise:

  • Repatriation and emergency evacuation are incredibly expensive should you get seriously injured or ill and need to be evacuated to the nearest hospital or back to Australia. Without travel insurance, this cost will need to be paid entirely out-of-pocket.
  • Taking out your travel insurance policy with cruise cover as soon as you make any bookings can help cover you if your cruise is cancelled before your departure.
  • If bad weather causes your cruise to avoid docking at a destination, you may be covered for any missed ports on your trip.
  • If you don’t make it to your cruise on time and miss the departure, you may be covered for the cost of getting on at the next port.

Choosing cover for cruises

When choosing travel insurance cover for your cruise, it’s important your policy is suitable for your trip. So before purchasing, be sure you consider the following:

  • Some travel insurance providers may offer cruise cover automatically, while with others, you may need to purchase it as an optional extra; either way, make sure your policy includes all the cover you need before you purchase.
  • Beyond cruise-specific benefits, it’s a good idea to be covered for theft or loss of luggage, personal liability and medical expenses, including cover for any pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Make sure you’re covered for both onshore and offshore activities; if your activities aren’t covered automatically, they may be covered under an adventure pack add-on.
  • Be aware of any exclusions to your policy that might affect your ability to claim, as well as your policy’s claim limits and any age limits that may apply.

Expert tips for choosing the right travel insurance for cruises

Our travel insurance expert, Adrian Taylor, has some top tips on choosing the right travel insurance for your cruise holiday.

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

Make sure your activities are covered

When purchasing travel insurance for a cruise trip, consider what cover you need at sea and on land at any ports your cruise visits, especially for any activities you want to partake in.

Declare any ports of call

If you’re going on an international cruise, be sure to declare where your cruise is visiting ports of call, too; otherwise, you might not be covered for those destinations. Depending on your insurer, you may be able to select ‘South Pacific’ or ‘Europe‘ as a destination for blanket cover of the countries within those regions.

Get international travel insurance for domestic cruises

Even domestic cruises need international travel insurance with medical cover. If you become sick or injured on your trip, your Medicare or private health insurance typically won’t cover you.

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Meet our travel insurance expert, Adrian Taylor

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

As the Executive General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor believes in educating customers about the importance of travel insurance so that anyone can kick back and make the most of their time away from home. While no one wants a disrupted holiday, a suitable travel insurance policy can provide a financial safety net for yourself, your belongings and your trip in case things go wrong.