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Top 3 things to know about comprehensive car insurance


Greater level of protection

Comprehensive car insurance offers greater protection, covers repair and replacement costs for your vehicle and others and includes more features than any other car insurance option.

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All drivers are covered

With full comprehensive car insurance cover, all drivers of your car are covered if they cause an accident (even learner drivers) for any damage to your car and anyone else’s. You may need to list them as an additional driver on your policy.

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Enjoy a range of benefits and extras

A comprehensive policy offers a range of optional extras and benefits to suit your driving lifestyle and make the most of your car insurance.

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A guide to comprehensive car insurance

Updated February 5, 2024
Written by Kirk Wallace
Reviewed by Adrian Taylor

Expert tips on comprehensive car insurance

Our car insurance expert, Adrian Taylor, has some helpful tips for finding the right comprehensive car insurance policy for you.

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

Adjust your excess

Adjusting your excess payment will change what premium you pay upfront. Choosing a higher excess will lower your premium and is worth considering if you’re comfortable with a higher excess in the event of a claim.

Keep your no claims discount

Known by some insurers as a ‘safe driver discount’, many insurers will honour your no claims discount if you change insurance providers, making it easier to compare and switch to a better deal for you.

Check your new price at renewal

Look for the new price change section when your policy is up for renewal. All car insurance renewal notices must clearly state the difference in price compared to what you paid last year – though it might not be on the front page.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

A comprehensive car insurance policy provides the highest level of protection of the available types of cover in Australia. It could cover you for damage to your vehicle as well as damage to other drivers’ vehicles or their property.

Furthermore, it can cover damage to your vehicle caused by fires, storms and hail and replacement costs if your vehicle is stolen. A comprehensive policy can cover the reasonable cost of repairs regardless of which party is responsible for the damage. Depending on your policy, it could also include features like windshield replacement and a hire car while your own car is getting repaired.

What does comprehensive car insurance cover?

What does comprehensive car insurance not cover?

Exclusions are provisions on your car insurance policy for which no cover is provided.

Does comprehensive insurance cover me if I’m driving other cars?

Does comprehensive car insurance cover learner drivers?

How much does comprehensive car insurance cost?

Multiple variables can influence the average cost of comprehensive car insurance, and your insurer will calculate your premium based on these.

Common factors that are likely to impact the cost of your premium are:

Age of driver

Your experience as a driver can make a significant impact to the price of your policy.

Driving routine and history

The vehicle you drive

Where you park

Your excess

How it works

How to make a comprehensive car insurance claim

Is there an excess to pay when I claim on comprehensive car insurance?

Can I choose the excess on my car insurance?

How to cancel your comprehensive policy

Is comprehensive car insurance compulsory in Australia?

Important to know

What optional extras are available for a comprehensive policy?

Do comprehensive car insurance policies offer a no claim bonus?

Can I choose to insure my car for an agreed value with comprehensive car insurance?

Meet our car insurance expert, Adrian Taylor

As our Executive General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor wants all consumers to have a better understanding of the value of their comprehensive car insurance, and the power of choice offered through comparison.

Adrian has over 13 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He helps review general insurance content on Compare the Market to ensure it accurately breaks down complex insurance topics.