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Australia is a country of roads worth travelling. As of 2012, ABS reported that we have over 800,000 kilometres of road covering this land! Additionally, it calculated that more than 18 million cars are registered for these roads.

And yet, it’s easy to forget that each state and territory has very different drivers, and different laws. In fact, even the insurance you buy in each state varies.

For example, did you know in Queensland you can choose your Compulsory Third Party Insurer, but in many other regions you cannot?

We’ve detailed everything you need to know about car insurance based on where you live.

No matter where you hang your hat, tracking down good value car insurance is important. Choosing the wrong policy can cost a substantial amount of money. Thankfully, we make it easy for you to compare a variety of polices from well known brands here on our website.

So if you’re looking for comprehensive car insurance in your part of the world, start the journey here.

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