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There are times in Australia where the weather can make us reconsider our options. In the instance of hailstorms, it can be highly damaging to cars that aren’t under a form of shelter. While hail damage is usually superficial, repairs are often very costly and – in some cases – vehicles may even be written off as a result of hail damage.

Certain regions in Australia are particularly prone to hail events and it is important to consider suitable insurance cover to ensure you are protected.

Does car insurance cover hail damage?

Car insurance can cover your car in the case of hail damage, but it all depends on the type of policy you have. Comprehensive cover is usually the best choice for weather events, since many policies include coverage against weather events like hailstorms. Some providers may also provide hail coverage without additional excess charges.

Conversely, third party policies probably won’t cover your car in such circumstances, since they are designed to only pay for the damages of the other participants and their property. This includes compulsory third party (CTP) insurance, which is mandatory for all registered drivers.

Does car insurance cover pre-existing hail damage?

This one isn’t as straightforward. If you have purchased or currently own a car that has pre-existing hail damage from a hailstorm, chances are it may have been previously considered a write off. For this reason, insurance companies may be reluctant to provide comprehensive cover for previously hail-damaged vehicles. Some providers may refuse to insure hail-damaged cars, while others may offer cover at an increased rate in comparison to other cars that haven’t been damaged by hail.

While your hail-damaged car can usually be covered by third party insurance, it is important to keep in mind that third party policies only cover other cars and property that may be damaged as a result of your accident. So any additional damage done to your car won’t be covered if you only have a third party policy.

With the many variables in mind, it is advisable to compare policies before you consider buying a car damaged by hail.

Do I have to pay excess for hail damage?

The amount you will have to pay up front for your claim will depend on the excess you agreed upon when you purchased your policy. Many car insurance policies may have the option of paying no excess during the time of claiming cover, but they generally have a higher premium. As a general rule, the more money you agree upon as your up-front excess, the less your insurance premiums will be.

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