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How can I find the cheapest electricity plan for my home?

  • Is a discount currently applied to your bill? A discount can be the path to a cheaper bill (e.g. a pay on time discount) but the short term windfall may result in some long-term bill pain if it locks you into an expensive contract.
  • Are you using on/off-peak tariffs or single rate? You may use most of your power during periods where demand is low. These users can save money on their bill. In addition, solar power customers may be able to take advantage of specific ‘feed-in’ tariffs.
  • Are your usage charges fixed? While service charges are typically fixed, it’s worth shopping around to find cheaper alternatives to consumption and demand charges.

Depending on your answers, you could save a significant amount per annum on your bill. Why switch energy plans?.

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Learn about the benefits of comparing energy plans

Compare electricity plans

In many states, Australians enjoy full retail competition when it comes to electricity providers. This means you have plenty of options when it comes to (potentially) finding a cheaper power bill in the future, which we’ll explain how to find.

Compare gas rates

A quarter of Australian’s domestic energy needs are met by natural gas, which can be a cheaper, better way to run certain household appliances. If that sounds appealing, let us show you how to shop around for the right plan (and save on future bills).

Moving house

Most energy providers will ensure the power is connected when you finally arrive at your new home; provided you give at least one week notice. There’s more to moving than this, however, including early cancellation fees you should try to avoid.

What is energy deregulation?

Deregulation removes the government’s control of the retail energy market (i.e. they no longer set the price of electricity and gas). Several states have deregulated energy markets, while others are either regulated fully or in part.

Which provider should I pick?

When reviewing your energy plan, search for brands with a history of great customer service and fantastic products. We take a closer look at some of the biggest names in the energy industry; such as Origin, AGL, Red Energy and more.

How to read your bill

When you receive your bill, pay attention to the peak and off-peak rates (i.e. busy & not-busy times of day), any applicable tariffs, and service fees. Understanding these charges ensures you never pay more than you need to.

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