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Technology has revolutionised just about every aspect of our lives – and now it’s improving the way we consume electricity. Enter the smart meter. This energy-monitoring system provides you with near real-time insight into your energy usage, which opens up a whole world of possibilities in terms of power consumption management, electricity pricing plans and reducing your utility bills.

Smart meters are being rolled out across the country, but what do they actually do? And how will you as an energy customer benefit from them? We’re here to shed some light on the whole affair.

What is a smart meter?

There a few different types of electricity meters, but at their core, they all perform the same function. As the Victorian state government explained, smart meters are digital communication devices that record and transfer energy usage data to your electricity provider. This real-time processing eliminates the outdated model of estimated readings, providing you with more certainty and enabling you to budget more accurately for your power bill.

How does a smart meter work?

Every 30 minutes, your smart meter measures how much electricity your household is using. It sends this information to your energy supplier, providing them with up-to-the-minute snapshots of their customers’ electricity usage.

You can access this data as well, via in-home displays or web portals linked to your smart meters. This allows you to gain a better understanding of your energy usage patterns, and help you work out ways in which you can reduce electricity consumption and consequently save on your power bill.

What are the benefits of using a smart meter?

There are many advantages to smart metering in Australia. For example, it allows electricity distributors to identify blackouts and streamline the reconnection process.

The benefits of smart meters aren’t focused exclusively on electricity retailers. In addition to giving you greater control over your electricity use, the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science noted that households with smart meters no longer have to pay for manual readings or estimated electricity bills. Smart meters can also make your transition to an off-peak electricity pricing plan run smoothly.

Smart meters will play an integral role in the future of Australia’s electricity industry. Find out why smart meters will continue to benefit Australians like yourself for years to come.

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