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How do we make money?

We don’t charge customers anything to use our comparison service. Instead, we make money by receiving a commission from our energy retailers each time one of our customers takes out a new energy plan after completing a quote through our website.

We pride ourselves on the integrity of our comparison service. It’s critically important to us that the way we make money doesn’t affect the service we provide to our customers.

How does our energy comparison service work?

Choosing the right energy plan can be difficult and time-consuming. Our comparison service aims to make that process easier and faster for our customers and allows them to shop around for a better deal that suits their budget and energy needs.

We aim to give customers personalised energy options relevant to their needs and individual circumstances. We do this by asking for details like:

  • Your address, because energy retailers and the energy markets depend on your state, distributor and electricity and/or gas meter and how it has been configured for your home.
  • What plan you want, because you may want to compare only electricity, gas or both.
  • Whether you have or are interested in solar power, because you may want to compare solar feed-in tariffs.

For electricity cost estimates, we base usage on the model annual usage for your region and the number of people in your household, according to the consumption benchmark data provided by the Australian Energy Regulator. Your actual energy cost will vary depending on your actual usage, meter type and distributor.

Customers can get more accurate estimates by entering their consumption details from a recent bill to compare what the energy cost would have been for that same bill if it had been on a new plan instead, but it doesn’t take into account all miscellaneous charges, credits, concessions, rebates or other balances or partial payments. Once they have chosen a plan they wish to apply for, they can complete an application online through our end-to-end online service.

Customers searching for gas and electricity do not have to acquire gas and electricity as a combined plan from one retailer.

What brands and products do we compare?

We currently compare products from the following energy retailers:

We’re working hard to onboard energy retailers that aren’t currently part of our comparison service, and we hope to have good news on that front for our customers in the future.

There will be times when certain products are unavailable, or we cannot return any quotes to a customer. Primarily, the range of products compared for a specific customer will depend on where their property is located.

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