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About Origin Energy

As one of Australia’s leading energy retailers, Origin dedicates every day to making energy more affordable and sustainable, as well as smarter and easier for their customers. They supply their customers with electricity, natural gas, internet, electric vehicles, LPG and solar.

Origin’s vision is for a cleaner, smarter, customer-centric energy future. Origin uses a variety of energy sources to make electricity; these include traditional fuel sources such as coal and natural gas, as well as utilising wind and solar power for renewable energy. They’ve put more solar on residential roofs than any other energy provider, and are pioneering new and emerging renewable technologies like Virtual Power Plants, large-scale batteries and EV charging solutions.

Services offered

Origin Energy offers residential and business energy plans for Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Some energy plans may also include options for electric vehicle charging.

Origin’s residential electricity and gas plans include:

  • Flexible billing and payment options
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Perks, rewards and discounts just for being an Origin customer.

With Origin, you also have the option to add carbon-neutral options to both electricity and gas.

Why choose Origin Energy?

Origin is one of Australia’s leading integrated energy companies with a rich heritage in energy exploration, generation and retailing.

With a variety of plans, bundle discounts and perks, Origin provides value for customers. Other reasons why Australians choose Origin Energy are:

  • No lock-in contracts or exit fees
  • The ability to monitor your usage, view and pay bills and set up flexible payments through My account and the Origin app
  • A dedicated team of energy experts looking after your account for the whole time you’re with Origin
  • Flexible payment options with bill-smoothing payment plans
  • Origin Spike – a rewards program that pays Origin Energy customers for saving energy and reducing the load on the electricity grid.

Note: Products and services may not be available in all states or territories. Information is current as of March 2024.

Frequently asked questions

How do I connect electricity to a rental property?

Check your rental agreement to see if rent includes utilities. In some sites, the owner of a building may have the electrical wiring configured in a way that enables them to sell electricity to their tenants. This configuration is known as an embedded network.

If utilities are already connected, you won’t have to worry about calling energy providers or creating a new account for the property. However, they’ll still need to get some details from you for billing purposes.

If utilities aren’t included, you’ll need to organise this connection yourself. You can do this through our energy comparison service.

How do I change energy providers when moving to a new house?

Once you’ve chosen which provider and energy plan to go with, you can apply online through our energy comparison service.

Will power be disrupted if I switch to Origin?

Switching providers won’t interrupt your power supply. Unless you’re moving houses, you won’t need to contact your old supplier to notify them of the switch either.

Can I connect to electricity on the weekend?

Most energy providers only connect electricity on weekdays (excluding public holidays).

When should I disconnect power when moving?

Thankfully, disconnecting power is an easy process because it’s something that your energy retailer is responsible for. Call your provider to organise the disconnection.

You can choose any weekday to get disconnected, but it’s a good idea to have your provider disconnect your utilities the day after you move out.

Finding the energy plan for my home

To find an Origin Energy plan for your home or other great-value plans from some of Australia’s top providers, consider comparing energy plans through our energy comparison service.

You can get a free quote in minutes and it’s easy to compare the price, discounts and rates. What’s more, if you decide to sign up to a plan, we won’t charge you extra, since our commissions come from the energy retailer. Simples!

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