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About AGL Energy

AGL Energy are proudly Australian, and have been since 1837. For more than 180 years, AGL Energy have been at the forefront of energy innovation in Australia. From lighting the first gas street lamp in Sydney in 1841 to helping shape a sustainable energy future for Australia, they have a track record of leading change.

Today, with an eye on the future, AGL are focused on embracing innovation and technology to foster new and sustainable energy solutions for their customers. AGL Energy provide electricity, gas, solar, and renewable energy to homes and businesses across Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia, and Victoria. They also provide gas plans for Western Australians.

AGL Energy  have more than 3.6 million customer accounts, including residential and business customers, with the latter ranging from small to large enterprises.

AGL Energy’s history

In 1841, the Australian Gas Light Company lit the very first gas street lamp in Sydney, marking the beginning of a sustainable energy future for Australians. They’ve now grown to operate the country’s largest electricity generation portfolio, and are its largest ASX-listed investor in renewable energy.

AGL Energy have a responsibility to provide sustainable, secure, and affordable energy for their customers. Their aim is to prosper in a carbon-constrained world and build customer advocacy as their industry transforms. That’s why they have committed to exiting their coal-fired generation by 2050, and why we they continue to develop innovative solutions for their customers.

Services offered

AGL Energy offers services across electricity, solar power, gas, and renewable energy. These services are available to both residences and businesses in certain parts of Australia.

Depending on which state you live, you may also be able to add Greenpower™ to your electricity plan, which means AGL Energy will source electricity equal to 10%, 20%, or 100% of your entire electricity usage from renewable energy sources.

On top of this, you can also benefit from the AGL Energy App to help you keep track of your energy usage. This app allows you to pay your bill electronically. When it comes to payment methods, the company supports the following:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal, BPAY, direct debit, or bank payments
  • SMS Pay
  • Centrepay
  • Mail
  • In person at any post office.

AGL Energy plans

Depending on where you live, you may be able to take advantage of electricity and gas plans* that feature:

  • Direct debit or pay on-time discounts on your energy usage charges
  • Ongoing market contract
  • 12 or 24-month benefit periods
  • Supply charges and usage rates (or variable rates).

*Plans and your choice of providers may vary from state-to-state and may be limited depending on your address.

What sets AGL Energy apart?

As one of Australia’s biggest energy providers, AGL Energy believe they can make the biggest change.

Their aim is to prosper in a carbon-constrained world and build customer advocacy as the energy industry transforms. That’s why they:

  • have committed to exiting their coal-fired generation beginning in 2022 and ending in 2048;
  • will continue to develop innovative solutions; and
  • invest in building new supply to bring more affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to their customers.

As an essential service provider, AGL Energy take their position in your home and business seriously and that’s why they’re committed to supporting their customers and the communities they operate in. AGL are here for you when times are tough, through their hardship and affordability programs. They are proud supporters of their charity partners and reinvest in the communities where they operate.

AGL Energy’s power generation portfolio is diverse. It includes base, peaking, and intermediate generation plants spread across traditional thermal generation, natural gas, and storage, as well as renewable energy sources; from hydro, to wind, solar, landfill gas, and biomass.

Why choose AGL Energy?

With over 180 years of industry experience, AGL Energy are one of the country’s leading integrated energy companies. It has grown to become the largest publicly-listed renewable energy owner, operator, and developer in Australia.

The company also supports your needs by offering 24/7 call centre and online support and doesn’t charge exit fees if you wish to leave your plan early. On top of this, AGL Energy offers flybuys reward points when you pay your bills.

At Compare the Market, we make it easy to compare AGL Energy’s prices and features based on where you live and your energy usage. To find out if AGL Energy matches your needs, compare energy rates and features today.

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