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ENGIE Group operates globally as one of the largest independent power producers in the world. In Australia, ENGIE has exited coal and by providing energy plans to both households and businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, South East Queensland (electricity only) and Western Australia (gas only), help support the switch to a more carbon-neutral economy.

ENGIE offers great value electricity, gas and solar power plans, with carbon neutral energy plans that can help offset the environmental impact from the energy used. Offsetting your energy is not an add-on; ENGIE does it automatically for new customers and has been doing so since 2021.

ENGIE has also teamed up with some iconic Australian organisations to offer customers the option of additional benefits with their energy plan. However, availability of benefits may depend on what energy plan you’re on.

Services offered

As well as great energy offers, ENGIE has a number of services to help you manage your energy.

ENGIE Tracker is a helpful tool that can help you manage your energy usage. If you have a smart meter, you can monitor your daily electricity usage through the Tracker portal, receive weekly insights via email, set budgets and even get an idea of how much your next bill may be.

The MyENGIE app (previously known as MyAccount) and web portal is a secure way to manage your energy account, track your electricity usage and find the help that you need quickly. Enjoy having the security and control of having everything in the palm of your hand.

Why choose ENGIE?

  • Electricity and gas. ENGIE makes energy simple and affordable for over 700,000 accounts across Australia.
  • Energy plans for different needs. ENGIE offers simple, value-led plans that help reduce your carbon footprint, regardless of whether you own a property, rent or run a business.
  • Net zero by 2045. With various initiatives, including their wholesale business investing in wind and solar renewable projects, and their retail business providing customers with GreenPower and Climate Active certified carbon neutral options, ENGIE aims to achieve net zero by 2045.

With simplified billing, rewarding plans and helpful service, finding easy, great-value plans can be an effortless process. Here are some more benefits to choosing ENGIE:

  • Great benefits and rewards. Get exclusive discounts, rewards and rates with ENGIE partners if you’re a member. If you’re not a member, you could save on one of their other energy plans.
  • Flexible payment methods. Pay your energy bill online, by post, BPay, credit card, PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay and more.
  • Giving back to the community. ENGIE is proud to give back to communities across Australia, supporting a range of charities and community initiatives.

Note: Products and services may not be available in all states or territories and are subject to eligibility criteria. Information accurate as of March 2024.

Frequently asked questions

When do I need to organise my ENGIE connection?

You should organise your ENGIE connection before moving home. They’ll typically have your electricity and/or gas connected within three business days, and if not, may offer a credit on your first bill (subject to terms and conditions).

How can I pay my ENGIE bill?

ENGIE offers a number of flexible payment methods including paying your energy bill online, by post, BPay, credit card, PayPal, GooglePay and ApplePay.

Does ENGIE offer concessions?

If you have an ENGIE energy plan and hold an eligible concession card, ENGIE may be able to access government concessions or rebates on your behalf. The concessions available to you may depend on which concession card you hold, what state you live in and your individual circumstances.

How does ENGIE cater for life support equipment?

If you, or someone living with you, is a life support customer, ENGIE recommends contacting them via phone to discuss how they can best manage your energy needs.

What renewable energy options or incentives are available with ENGIE?

If you’re looking to give back to the environment, ENGIE offers 100% carbon neutral energy plans to offset the carbon emissions from your energy use.

If you’re looking to go solar, ENGIE also offers a network of accredited solar installers to help simplify the process. As an added bonus, if you meet the criteria, you’re also eligible for an energy plan with an increased solar feed-in tariff on a daily amount of kWh for a set period of time.

Can I get an extension on my energy bill?

Yes. Financial support is available in the form of bill extensions and payment plans for all customers who need help getting back on track with their bill payments. They offer personalised payment plans, including short- and long-term plans. You can typically choose to pay in advance or in instalments for these options.

Support is also available for those experiencing hardship. However, keep in mind that the sooner you let ENGIE know about your financial situation, the faster they can start supporting you.

What is Tracker?

ENGIE Tracker is a handy tool to help you monitor and manage your household’s electricity usage, and all you need is a smart meter and an email address. If you’re eligible, Tracker will be available to you once you become a customer of ENGIE.

Tracker doesn’t include any specific billing information. It’s designed to allow you to monitor your weekly electricity usage and spend which includes supply charges and any solar feed-in credits (if applicable). However, ENGIE Tracker is only available for customers to monitor their electricity usage as it works closely with your smart meter.

You won’t see your discounts, concessions, credits or balances. Their app ‘MyENGIE’ is the best place to manage your account, view your bills, make payments and manage any concessions.

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