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The Sunshine State

Queensland might be known as the sunshine state, but it’s not necessarily all sunshine and rainbows for drivers.

Whether you’re winding through the busy suburban streets of Brisbane, taking a road trip up north to Cairns or Townsville, or heading to Australia’s premier holiday destination, the Gold Coast – each road can contain unexpected threats.

If you ever need to repair or replace your car from weather damage, theft, or an accident, having suitable car insurance can help you ‘handle the heat’ by covering some of the costs.

What types of car cover are available in Queensland?


Comprehensive car insurance provides exhaustive cover for Queensland drivers by insuring their vehicle in case it’s destroyed or damaged from a traffic accident, storm, fire, flood, malicious act, or loss from theft. It covers your own vehicle, as well as any damage to someone else’s car or property. Premiums will vary and will depend on your address, vehicle, how you drive, and where you park it.

Third Party Fire & Theft

Third Party insurance covers you for damage to other driver’s vehicles when you’re in an accident, and Fire & Theft insurance offers limited cover when your own vehicle is damaged or destroyed by fire, and also when it’s stolen. While this insurance covers more repair/replacement costs than zero cover, it doesn’t cover you for everything found in a comprehensive policy.

Third Party Property

Third Party Property car insurance can cover the damage to another driver’s vehicle or property in an accident where you are at fault. Third Party Property will, in some cases, provide a limited amount of cover for the value of your own car’s loss or damage in an accident. However, you will only be covered under certain circumstances (e.g. if the other driver is uninsured), and can only claim up to a limit.

Compulsory Third Party (CTP)

Compulsory Third Party insurance covers drivers for costs associated with the death or injury to another driver/pedestrian. It does not cover damage to your car, or someone else’s car/property. It is a minimum legal requirement that is included in your vehicle registration. Queensland vehicle owners can nominate a CTP provider, but the state government regulates prices so they’re all roughly the same cost.

What features should Queensland drivers look for in their car insurance?

When deciding which policy or insurer to choose, Queensland drivers should consider how they can get the right level of cover at an affordable price. The below features could have a big impact on your premium.

drivers in queensland

Which type of car insurance should Queensland drivers get?

All Queensland drivers are required to purchase CTP insurance when they first register their car or renew their registration.

However, this type of insurance only covers your liability when other drivers are hurt. It is important to determine your need to be covered for anything extra.

We found that around three in every five Aussies had taken out a car loan, with the average Aussie car loan working out to $18,049. If you’re buying your car with the help of a loan, then you might not have the means to pay for damage or to replace your car on the spot if something were to happen.

This is where having suitable insurance comes in handy. To help you do that we have provided a table of what you could be covered for with different policies.

Insurance type Damage to your car Damage to another person’s car or propertyDamage or loss caused by theft Injuries or death to other people in an accident
Green Slip (i.e. CTP)NoNoNoYes
Third party propertyNoYesNoNo
Third party fire & theftNoYesYesNo
Please Note: There are certain factors and variables that may affect your level of coverage. Always read the fine print on your Product Disclosure Statement for specific limitations and conditions to the cover.

How much does car insurance cost in Queensland?

So, how much might suitable car insurance cost you? It varies from driver to driver and vehicle to vehicle, but here’s a quick snapshot.

Insurance premiums for a Mazda 3 (2010 model) cost roughly from $10-$11 a week on average for a comprehensive policy. That’s as cheap as a couple of cups of coffee each week, which means having some peace of mind on the road is pretty affordable!

On top of your insurance premiums, excess costs (which is the amount you pay when you make a claim) was typically about $800 annually, which is something you should also be mindful of when considering your policy.

QLD Average Car Insurance Premiums

Source: Comparethemarket.com.au quote, produced 02/03/18. These prices are based on quotes for the Mazda 3 2010 model, for private use to be driven 15,000km/year with no accident or hail damage, to be driven by a 38-year-old female driver with a rating 1 NCD (no claims discount) for the postcodes of 4157 (Capalaba) and 4825 (Mt Isa).

Why compare car insurance with us?

Switch & you could save

Automatically renewing your current car insurance is easy, but it might not be your best option. It is always beneficial to see what new policies are now available to make sure you’re getting great cover at a price you’re happy to pay.

It’s quick & simple

All you need to do is fill out a few details so we can quickly provide a range of policies side-by-side, so you can find suitable cover for your car within minutes.

It’s free to compare

There are not many things better than a freebie! You don’t need to pay anything to compare car insurance; Queensland drivers can fill out an application and get a quote for free, as often as needed, until they find suitable cover.

It’s suited to your needs

Every driver requires different types of cover and features based on their needs. It’s because of these differing needs that we provide you with a range of policies based on your vehicle, location, lifestyle, and budget; to find a suitable option for you!

Ready to compare car insurance?

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How does driving in Queensland affect your car insurance?

Car insurance in Queensland follows the same structure as most other Australian states and territories. However, no matter which state you live in, your premium can be affected by:

  • Where you park your car – so make sure you leave your car parked safely in a garage rather than outside where it’s vulnerable;
  • Where you live – living in an area with (for example) higher theft rates, busy roads, or in a flood plain can increase your chances of making a claim;
  • Which route you take to work – having a hard route to navigate can increase your chances of having an accident.

Car crime in Queensland

10,879 motor vehicles were stolen in 2017 in Queensland, and the state is home to 6 of the top 10 local areas with the highest number of car thefts nationally. Also, short-term vehicle theft increased by 14% in Queensland compared to the previous year. The vehicles targeted most by thieves were Holden Commodore, Toyota Hilux, Ford Falcon, and Nissan Navara.

Furthermore, research conducted from 2014-2016 by RACQ showed that there was a 10% increase in car vandalism in 2016; including slashed tyres, broken windows, and keyed cars. The top three areas in QLD where your car is most at risk from vandalism are Southport, Bundaberg, and Toowoomba. Vandalism mostly occurs when your car is parked outside at night, which is why parking it in a carport or garage is a safer option and might decrease your premium.

Top 10 Car Theft Hotspots QLD 2017

Road dangers in QLD

In 2016 alone, Queensland roads recorded 12,270 crashes, and 251 deaths from road crashes. A study by RACQ in 2016 showed that 8 out of the top 10 most dangerous roads in QLD as voted by drivers were highways and motorways; Pacific Motorway and Bruce Highway also ranked as some of the most dangerous roads in the country, with the highest number of fatalities.

In 2017, a quarter of Queensland’s road toll could be attributed to drink driving, while the other main road toll contribution factors included: speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, defective vehicles, and driving while distracted or tired.

On average, around 20 Queensland drivers are caught speeding more than 30km/h over the speed limit every day. This is an alarming statistic, given that travelling only 5km/h over a 60km/h speed limit can double your risk of being involved in a fatal crash.

Frequently asked questions about car insurance in Queensland

Still have some burning questions? We’re here to answer them.

Can one car insurance policy cover all my immediate family members as drivers?

If you’re looking to include all family members as drivers for the one car on the policy, you will be able to do so. However, your premiums will increase with each driver, especially if the drivers are under 25 or 30.

If you’re looking to insure multiple cars (one for each family member), then each car will need its own policy. However, Queensland families are usually able to bundle car insurance policies for all cars which are garaged under the same roof with the same insurer, to (possibly) receive a small, multi-car insurance policy discount. For every extra car you put on the same policy you may receive a percentage discount on your premium, although premiums for all the cars will usually need to be paid together on one bill. It is also important to consider who is named the primary driver of each vehicle, as younger drivers will increase premiums.

Families are also usually able to bundle their car insurance with their home & contents insurance through the same insurer to receive a small discount, but this will differ between providers and policies. Bundling car insurance for a Queensland family may be easier and cheaper (especially for younger drivers), but it might also inflate the cost for older, more experienced drivers.

Is my car paint covered if it’s peeling from the Queensland sun?

Unfortunately, even comprehensive car insurance policies will generally not cover paint damage from wear and tear, deterioration, or exposure to weather (sun, sand, salt, rain, or water). As such, Queenslanders, particularly ones living next to the beach, may need to keep this in mind and protect their cars by parking it in the shade and covering it when practical.

Car paint damage may sometimes be covered through comprehensive cover, but you can generally only claim on it if the paint damage is the result of an insurable event on your policy like an accident, theft, hail, storm damage, sandstorm, hurricane, or – in some cases – vandalism

How do I get cheaper car insurance in Queensland?

Queenslanders love a good bargain, which is why – short of limiting driver ages or bundling your policiesshopping around is the best way to get great value car insurance. That’s the benefit of using Compare the Market! We can provide a selection of affordable policy options side by side for you to compare. Whether you’re searching for basic cover or something more top-tier, comparethemarket.com.au can guide you in the direction of affordable car protection on Queensland roads.


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