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Majestic Victoria has a colossal number of desirable destinations and attractions that make this state a queen among princes. From the Great Ocean Road to the Grampians, the Yarra Valley to the Philip Island penguins and beyond, Victoria has something to offer everyone.

With so much terrain to negotiate from one end of the state to another, having peace of mind on the road is more than just driving safely. Ensuring you have the right level of car insurance coverage is your best bet for avoiding unexpected costs in the unlikely event of an accident. Most Australians turn to comprehensive car insurance over other types of policies because it’ll cover any damage caused to vehicles and property – regardless of who is at fault.

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What Melbourne drivers should know about car insurance

Voted as the most liveable city in the world in 2017 (for the seventh year running) by The Economist, Melbourne is home to an incredible arts and entertainment scene, a bustling food culture, and a year-round festival and sports calendar.

It is also unique in its challenges to drivers. Very few places in Australia offer the intricacies of dodging trams, executing hook turns, and dealing with harsh storms one day and blistering heat the next. For the savvy driver, car insurance is a no brainer.

Is it better to search for the cheapest car insurance in Melbourne though? Well, you should obviously be looking for great value policies, although not necessarily the cheapest – you could be missing out on great features that could make all the difference! For a few dollars more, here are some extras that suit drivers in Melbourne, and come bundled in with some comprehensive policies.

  • Hire car rental. In the event you get in a traffic accident, and your car requires several days’ worth of repairs, your insurer may be able to offer a hire car for you to drive in the meantime. No need to ride the tram!
  • Roadside assistance. Car not as reliable as it used to be? Some policies include roadside assistance memberships in case you need some help on the go in an emergency.
  • Personal effects cover. Personal effects cover protects you in the event that thieves steal precious cargo from your vehicle – like your GPS or favourite holiday sunnies!

Not having car insurance is like a blind spot to a driver. Find the right insurance for your car and postcode – from Brunswick to Camberwell – with our comprehensive car insurance policies. Like finding an address on a map, guide your way online to comparethemarket.com.au.

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