Is credit card travel insurance worth it?

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Last updated March 26, 2024

How does complimentary insurance work?

Complimentary international travel insurance is cover that your credit card provider may offer as an incentive, which you may need to activate by making eligible purchases with your card such as pre-booking accommodation or flights. The eligibility criteria will vary between insurers, so make sure you understand what’s required to access your complimentary cover.

In any case, the insurance isn’t technically ‘complimentary’ since it’s generally paid for by the fees and interest charges that come with the card.

In addition, not all credit cards will offer complimentary travel insurance for overseas travel. Other complimentary insurance your credit card provider might offer include:

  • Transit accident insurance
  • Interstate flight inconvenience insurance
  • Purchase protection insurance
  • Extended warranty insurance

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While Australians might find ‘free’ credit card travel insurance a bargain with no downsides, this isn’t necessarily true. Credit card travel insurance often has much lower claim limits than a comprehensive travel insurance policy and can be more limited in the type of cover available.

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