Can I get one-way travel insurance?

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A guide to understanding one-way travel insurance

Last updated March 21, 2024
Written by Tiana Lee-Collins
Reviewed by Adrian Taylor

While Compare the Market doesn’t compare one-way travel insurance at this time, here is some general advice that might be useful should you need one-way travel cover. Or check out our travel insurance page to compare other types of travel insurance products.

Why take out one-way travel insurance?

While taking out one-way travel insurance can’t protect your entire trip, it can still provide you with peace of mind if your trip gets disrupted. A few reasons you should consider a one-way policy include:

  • Getting cover for part of your trip is a safer option than not getting cover at all and opening yourself up to paying unexpected expenses.
  • If you’re a backpacker wanting to travel without a return date, you can still get protection while you’re travelling until your policy expires or in case you need to cancel your trip before you depart.
  • If you get injured or fall ill during your journey and need medical treatment, your policy may help cover your medical expenses as long as your policy hasn’t yet expired.

Choosing cover for your one-way trip

If you’re looking to purchase one-way travel insurance, there are a few things you should consider before choosing a policy:

  • Consider what activities you’ll be doing during the duration of your travel insurance policy, such as winter sportscruises or adventure activities, as you may need to purchase extra cover for an additional premium.
  • If you plan on driving while overseas and want rental vehicle excess cover in case you have an accident and owe your rental company an excess payment.
  • One-way trip travel insurance may have different limits, sub-limits and exclusions to a regular single trip policy, so be sure to check your policy carefully before purchasing.
  • If possible, consider purchasing travel insurance that covers your entire trip instead of only one-way. While it will be more expensive, having cover until you return home will allow you to travel with confidence.

Expert tips for finding the right one-way travel insurance for your trip

If you’re looking to purchase one-way travel insurance, Adrian Taylor, our Executive General Manager of General Insurance, has some top tips for helping you search for a suitable policy.

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

Consider purchasing your policy as soon as you book

You should compare and purchase travel insurance as soon as you make a booking and pay any deposits to ensure you have trip cancellation cover should you need to cancel your trip – this benefit is usually only offered on comprehensive policies.

Contact your insurer if you need your policy extended

Even if you don’t have a return date, if you take out a travel insurance policy and realise part-way through your trip that you need it extended beyond what is listed in your certificate of insurance, contact your insurer to see if they can extend it.

Changing your excess can affect your premium

Consider a higher excess to reduce your premium. However, your excess is what you pay out of pocket if you need to make a claim, so always choose a manageable excess amount.

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Meet our travel insurance expert, Adrian Taylor

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

As the Executive General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor believes in educating customers about the importance of travel insurance so that anyone can kick back and make the most of their time away from home. While no one wants a disrupted holiday, a suitable travel insurance policy can provide a financial safety net for yourself, your belongings and your trip in case things go wrong.