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Everyone loves a good holiday, but with so many weird and wonderful destinations to choose from, it can be hard to choose the perfect one. No matter what corner of the globe you’re in, though, finding great-value travel insurance is especially important to financially protect you and your belongings against the unexpected.

Your travel insurance doesn’t have to hurt your budget, but one big thing that might affect the cost of your travel insurance premium is where you’re travelling to. For example, your insurance for a trip to New Zealand will vary considerably in price to a travel policy for Iceland.

We’ve written guides on many of the popular destinations that Australians travel to each year. Check out our travel cover suggestions for these great destinations.

African Landscape


There’s so much more to Africa than big cats and giant elephants. Exotic spice markets, mountain desert scrambles and beautiful beaches await in this remarkable landscape.

antarctica landscape


A frozen desert isolated from the rest of the world, the untouched, awe-inspiring scenery and unique wildlife encounters of Antarctica are ones you’ll never forget.

Landscape of asian country


Asia is filled with so many different cultures, landscapes and cuisines. With numerous regions and historical riches to explore, it’ll be hard to pick just one country.

Sydney Harbour


This vast land of ours is home to beautiful and unique landscapes and wildlife, not to mention bustling cities and some of the most pristine beaches in the world.

Landscape of Bali


This island is home to volcanoes, beaches, reefs and thick jungle, as well as temples, bars and places to relax. Unsurprisingly, Bali remains a favourite travel destination for Australians.

Brazil at night


In the mood to party? Brazil’s famous beaches are a lively spot to cut loose, but if you need peace and quiet, you can explore the beautiful and vast Amazon rainforest.

Landscape of canadian nature


For jaw-dropping wilderness and a chance to see the Northern Lights, Canada is home to picturesque mountains, lakes, forests and snowfields, plus busy, modern cities.

the Great Wall of China in China


China is a country steeped in cultural history. There are iconic historical landmarks and lively major cities to explore, intertwined with stunning mountain ranges.

Holiday destination Hvar Croatia in Europe


Why stop at just one European country? Travelling this vast continent exposes you to a variety of cultures, cuisines, historical sights and landscapes.

Fiji beach


Renowned for its sunny, peaceful beaches, Fiji is a popular destination for those wanting to rest and relax among the beauty of these tropical islands.

Eiffel Tower in Paris


Famous for its food, museums, galleries and architecture, France has plenty to offer, from the sights of Paris to the Alps and the picturesque Mediterranean Sea.

Berlin skyline by day


Whether you’re going for their 1,500 different types of würst (sausages) or their world-famous beers, this historically and culturally rich country has so much to offer.

Buildings by the sea in Greece


From their breath-taking coastlines to their exquisite architectural wonders and stunning islands, this popular destination is ideal for relaxation.

Taj Mahal in India


India is a land bursting with sights, sounds and colour. It’s rich in history and maintains a unique cultural heritage and a variety of historical temples and landmarks.

Indonesian landscape


From the paradise that is Bali to tranquil temples, exotic wildlife, street markets and magnificent landscapes, Indonesia is a tourist’s dream.

Italian canal


From Rome to Venice to Milan and more, Italy is home to breathtaking cities full of art, culture and food dotted between the beautiful countryside, mountains and Mediterranean coastline.

Japanese cherry blossoms and buildings


The islands of Japan are home to unique cuisine and cultural experiences that fuse the modern and ancient. Explore historical castles, temples, quiet gardens and more.

Malaysian city skyline


Incredible cuisine, lively festivals and stunning man-made structures are just some of what Malaysia has to offer. Explore the vibrant cities or relax in the coastal islands with the friendly locals.

middle eastern landscape

Middle east

Home to some of the most soulful deserts on earth, extraordinary ancient cities, bazaars, biblical landmarks and much more, there’s plenty to explore in the Middle East.

landscape in the netherlands


Whether you’re going to explore the historical monuments and artworks, enjoy coffee shops or partake in the free-spirited culture, you’re bound to have a good time in the Netherlands.

New Caledonian beach

New Caledonia

Swim with turtles in emerald waters and try French haute cuisine. Whether you’re traversing through the rolling hills or submerged in the reefs, there’s so much to explore.

Landscape in New Zealand

New Zealand

Known for being a hub of sweeping vistas and outdoor adventure, New Zealand is also well known for delicious food, great coffee and friendly locals.

North American landscape

North America

With some of the most iconic cities and landmarks around the world, you’re adventure-bound in North America.

Beach in the Philippines


With delicious fruit and gorgeous beaches to be found among its islands, the Philippines isn’t a place to be missed!

Singapore city skyline


Home to the famous Singapore Sling, this country is known as the land of shopping malls and for its unique attractions.

South African landscape with giraffes

South Africa

With its wildlife parks, nature reserves and safaris, it’s hard to go past South Africa as a travel destination if you want to walk on the wild side.

South American landscape

South America

If you’re on the hunt for top-notch food, atmospheric markets and rocking nightlife, South America may be a hotspot to put on your bucket list!

Spanish seaside


Spain is on most people’s bucket list for a reason. Whether it’s enjoying the delicious cuisine or exploring the country in classic Spanish bar-hopping fashion, there’s something for everyone.

Thailand beach with boat


As the tourism hub of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a vacation hot spot with white sandy beaches, lush mountain jungles and a rich cultural heritage.

United Arab Emirates

Magnificent desert landscapes, buried villages and vibrant cities are just some of the exciting attractions offered by the United Arab Emirates.

London skyline by night

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, you’ll find plenty of castles, museums and historical sites to explore. Then, you can hop on a train to the pub and meet the locals!

Statue of Liberty with New York City skyline

United States of America

From major cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami to vast countryside and wilderness, there’s something for everyone in the United States of America.

Vanuatu beach


An island dream for many tourists, Vanuatu offers an endless number of beach activities, making it the ideal getaway for both fun in the sun and kicking back and relaxing.

Vietnamese landscape


No matter which region of Vietnam you’re in, you’re bound to encounter stunning landscapes and great coffee with incredible food to accompany your adventure.

Stephen Zeller, General Manager

Top travel tips for any destination, from our travel expert, Stephen Zeller

  • You should compare products and then purchase comprehensive travel insurance as soon as you make a booking and pay any deposits to ensure you have cancellation cover if unforeseen events cause you to need to cancel your trip.
  • Consider any cover you need for medical expenses, cancellation fees and luggage. You may also want to consider rental vehicle excess cover, as well as any additional protection you may need for cruise or ski holidays and be sure to buy a policy that suits your holiday needs.
  • Do not leave your possessions unattended in a public place as any theft claims may not be met. All policies have limits, conditions and exclusions and understanding these is crucial for ensuring you have the cover you need.
  • Make copies of your important travel documents. Leave a photocopy of your travel insurance, passport and any other important documents with someone at home, just in case your originals are lost or stolen.
  • If you plan to travel more than once throughout the year, you may find greater value in purchasing annual cover; travel insurance that covers all your trips for a full year (but be sure to check the maximum travel days that are covered, per trip). For domestic trips you may need to be a certain distance from your home for cover to operate.
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