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Everyone loves a good holiday, and the planning stage goes a long way to build excitement for the day of departure. No matter where you go, finding great value travel insurance for your trip is important to keeping you and your hard earned cash safe – no matter what corner of the globe you’re in.

One big thing that affects the cost of your travel insurance premium is where you’re travelling to, according to the Insurance Council of Australia.1 For example, your insurance for a trip to New Zealand might vary considerably from a policy for a trip to Iceland.

So, we’ve written guides on many of the popular locales that Aussies travel to each year. Check out our suggestions to getting covered for these great destinations:

Does travel insurance differ by country?

There are few differences between the travel insurance products themselves, besides what you pay for each policy. However, the level of cover you’ll require may differ depending on where you go.

For example, let’s look at your ‘holiday health’. Of the countries listed above, Australia has a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement with three of them: Italy, the UK, and New Zealand. That means you’ll be able to access subsidised healthcare in that country regardless of your level of travel insurance. You could, in theory, get by on that alone if you get sick.

However, you cannot be treated in a private hospital, and you could still be on deck to pay expensive fees for (e.g. emergency transport). And you may find that the quality of care from certain countries pales in comparison to what we’re used to in Australia.

The level of cover you need depends on what you’re doing, which is guaranteed to be informed by where you’re travelling to.


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