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What is travel insurance?

Simply put, travel insurance can help you pay for unexpected expenses if your trip takes a turn for the worse. There are various types of travel insurance and levels of cover available and your choice will decide what events you’re covered for. Always read your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for a list of all inclusions and exclusions.

Some scenarios you may be covered by, depending on your policy and level of cover, include:

  • Injury or illness. Your insurance policy may help pay for medical treatment. It’s important to know that not all countries that you may visit have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia.
  • If your belongings are stolen,your insurance policy may reimburse you for your losses.
  • If your flight or accommodation booking is cancelledbecause of events out of your control (e.g. floods, volcanos), your travel insurance policy may reimburse you for lost deposits and cancellation fees However, you will not be covered if the event that forces you to cancel occurs prior to you taking out your policy or you haven’t sought a refund from your airline or booking agency.

N.B. Claim limits may apply for each policy. Conditions and exclusions apply

Unless you want to pay thousands in surprise medical costs or cancellation fees, travel insurance is invaluable protection for any trip.

Need a bit more information about travel insurance?

If you want to learn more about travel insurance, you can view a variety of guides on our site, including tips and travel insurance guides for a variety destinations and the different types of travel insurance available.

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