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Need a bit more information about travel insurance?

Heading on holidays or departing on a trip for work? You’re not alone. 9.1 million Aussies departed overseas in the year preceding June 2017 – to visit friends/family, go on business trips, and soak up new experiences on holiday – according to Austrade.

However, they’re not going without taking one or two precautions. The 2017 Survey of Australian Travel Insurance Behavior reveals that more than 9 in 10 travellers choose to get travel insurance for their trip.

What is travel insurance?

Simply put, the right travel insurance can help pay for unexpected expenses when your trip takes a turn for the worse.

N.B. Claim limits may apply for each policy. Conditions and exclusions apply

Unless you want to pay $1000’s in surprise medical costs or cancellation fees, it is invaluable protection for any trip.

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