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World2Cover travel insurance is an award-winning online travel insurer providing added peace of mind for Australians* and temporary residents* with their specialised packages, suiting your needs and expectations.

World2Cover travel insurance at a glance

  • $Unlimited** overseas medical and hospital cover
  • COVID-19 benefits for Top and Domestic cover
  • Cover is available for dependant Children and Grandchildren at no additional cost.
  • Option to reduce your excess to nil
  • New for old replacement of luggage#
  • Winter sports and ski cover#
  • 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance.

About World2Cover

World2Cover is an Australian online travel insurance provider of travel insurance products underwritten by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co Ltd (ABN 80 000 438 291 AFSL 246 548), forming part of one of the largest general insurance groups in the world.

Since its creation in 2015, World2Cover has won awards for their insurance products.

World2Cover travel insurance products have been tailored to generally fit the Australian way of travelling and can provide coverage options tailored to the needs of each traveller, such as optional extras for Cruise and Ski/Winter sports and changes to your level of excess, subject to terms and conditions.

What does World2Cover travel insurance cover?

Coverage will vary depending on which World2Cover travel insurance policy you have, but you can generally expect to find the following inclusions in your policy:

  • Emergency expenses#
  • Cancellation fees and lost deposits#
  • Overseas medical, hospital and related expenses
  • Luggage#
  • Your legal liability^ per policy
  • Rental vehicle excess#.

You can also add the following optional extras to your policy:

  • Ski and winter sports cover#
  • Cruise cover.

World2Cover’s travel insurance products

Top Cover (Comprehensive)

The highest level of travel insurance on offer, a top-level comprehensive policy offers:

  • $Unlimited** coverage for overseas medical and hospital expenses
  • $Unlimited^^ cover for trip cancellations and Lost deposits#
  • Emergency expenses#.

You also are covered (up to certain limits) for:

  • Loss of luggage#
  • Theft of cash+ and travel documents+ stolen from your person
  • Injured pets^# and kennel or cattery fees happening in Australia
  • Hijacking and Kidnapping#
  • Rental vehicle excess#
  • Loss of income# due to an accident or terrorist act
  • Your legal liability^
  • Accidental death or disability*.

Essentials (mid-range cover)

An Essentials travel insurance policy provides mid-range international travel coverage and includes $unlimited** cover for overseas medical emergency costs. It also includes cover (up to a limited amount) for:

  • Loss of luggage# or personal items
  • Theft of cash+ stolen from your person
  • Cancellation fees# and Lost deposits#
  • Emergency expenses#
  • Rental vehicle excess#
  • Legal liability^
  • Loss of income# due to an accident or terrorist act
  • Accidental death* or disability*.


Our comprehensive Domestic travel insurance includes:

  • Cancellation fees# and Lost Deposits#
  • Loss of deposits#
  • Loss, damage of theft of luggage# or personal items
  • Emergency expenses#
  • Rental vehicle excess#
  • Loss of income#
  • Legal liability^
  • Cover for accidental death* and disability*.

Ski and winter sports

For an additional cost, you can choose the option of adding cover for ski and winter sports to your travel policy. Since these activities are not covered by our standard travel insurance and if you need cover for these activities, it may be a good idea to add this cover to your policy if your travel plans include hitting the slopes. This additional option offers cover for:

  • Piste closures^# (for international policies only)
  • Bad weather and avalanches^
  • Loss of full or partial Ski pack^ (pre-booked and pre-paid ski passes, tuition fees, lifts passes)
  • Emergency medical expenses caused by accident on the slopes.

Before you purchase any insurance policy, make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to understand the terms, conditions, limits and coverage of your policy and the Target Market Determination (TMD) to determine whether this product is suitable for your circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a claim with World2Cover?

You can claim with World2Cover online, over the phone, via email or by mail.

World2Cover also offers 24/7 assistance from anywhere in the world for any medical emergency whilst overseas, you can phone World2Cover emergency assistance line.

You will need to provide World2Cover with supporting documentation for your claim. So, if you were claiming for a medical incident, for example, you may need to supply medical documentation and receipts for World2Cover to process your claim.

Do I have to pay an excess?

Excesses do apply to World2Cover travel insurance policies. The exact excess you have to pay and how much it is, will be outlined in your PDS. Your total excess will also depend on your level of cover and what you’re claiming for.

However, you may have the option to pay an additional premium to reduce the excess on your claim, or vice versa. Weigh up which cost would be the more significant to you before making your decision, bearing in mind that you will need to pay whatever amount is required of you should you need to claim.

Does World2Cover insure pre-existing medical conditions?

World2Cover provides coverage for 38 pre-existing medical conditions, including pregnancy under certain circumstances, although restrictions may apply. In some circumstances, World2Cover may ask that you complete an online medical assessment to inform whether you can be insured for certain pre-existing medical conditions.

It’s very important that you disclose any medical conditions you have when taking out insurance, as your cover may be voided, or we may deny your claim if you have not disclosed Your medical conditions.

Who do I contact for emergency assistance while overseas?

If you need urgent assistance while overseas, you can call World2Cover’s 24/7 emergency assistance helpline (reverse charge from overseas).

You may be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your policy number
  • A contact number
  • Your current location
  • The nature of your emergency
  • The details of the incident

However, if there’s an emergency, you first need to contact the relevant authorities of the country you’re in; this would be an ambulance service or hospital in the case of a medical emergency or the police if it’s a criminal incident. Once this is done, you can then contact World2Cover.

Is World2Cover travel insurance worth it?

If you’re looking for ‘no fuss’ travel insurance, World2Cover offers several easy-to-understand policies for a variety of budgets and trips. Whether you’re travelling alone, with a friend or as a family, travel insurance is designed to give you additional peace of mind if things do go wrong.

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Compare the Market can help you compare a range of comprehensive, mid-range and basic cover options from reputed Australian brands, including World2Cover. All you have to do is head over to our free travel insurance comparison service. It takes just minutes to use, so why not try it today? Simples!

Cover available to Australian Residents and Temporary Residents between the ages of 18 – 75 and other Terms and Conditions and Exclusions may also apply.
**$unlimited subject to sub-limits, Policy terms and conditions, and exclusions that apply to this benefit. This benefit covers reasonable overseas medical and hospital costs as a result of an injury (including arising from a Terrorist Act) or illness which occurs during Your Period of Insurance. Benefits for reasonably incurred expenses may be paid up to 12 months from the time You received treatment for the injury or illness. All medical treatments must be provided by Your Treating Doctor or Our Consulting Medical Officer. You must notify Us as soon as practicable of Your admittance to hospital.
^^$unlimited means that generally there is no cap on the maximum dollar amount which may be paid out for this benefit, subject to the specific terms and conditions, sub-limits and exclusions that apply to this benefit.
@Children & grandchildren aged 25 & under are covered at no additional cost – provided they are financially dependent on their parents, not working full time, do not require a medical assessment and are travelling with you the whole time.
#Limits and sub-limits apply.
^This cover is per policy.
+ This sub-limit is a subset of the overall policy.

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